Stubbs Full Of Praise For Hitzlsperger
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Alan Stubbs was full of praise for trialist, Thomas Hitzlsperger. After the German international had played the full 90 minutes for Everton's Under-21 side on Monday night.

Tommy, lined up with Sylvain Distin and Jan Mucha as the three over aged players with the Everton youngsters.

Buzz played just half a game to keep him ticking over, while most of the senior players were away on international duty.

Stubbsy said: "I thought Thomas did well and you could see that he's experienced and has a calmness about him when he has the ball. It was his first game coming back, so it would have been a great boost to him coming through without a problem.

"He probably played longer than what we expected him to but because of injuries we ended up using all of our subs. I'm really pleased for Thomas because his attitude has been fantastic."

Everton: Mucha, Browning, Touray, Lundstram, Distin (Pennington 45m), Duffy, Gueye(Yellow Card), Hitzlsperger, Vellios(Goal 48m), McAleny (Hope 45m), Junior (Grant 45m(Goal 81m)).

Bench(not used): Taudul, Forrester.

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Comments about Stubbs Full Of Praise For Hitzlsperger
Our team now boasts an array of wingers with enough wizardry and flare to make the likes of the RS touch cloth and throw up when they see our dizzy heights at the top of the prem! @ the mo.. Every team gives us a new found respect such of the likes we've not seen since Shell Suits, Rolled up Sleeved Jackets, Perm Jobs and Duran Duran blond streaky highlights (that somehow always turned green!!!) ask your dad! But all that can and will change if we don't have rock solid CMs who break up play from the opposition! Our back 4 may look vulnerable but they didn't just turn shit over night! And how Tim's managed to keep his torrets in tact I don't know! Mine kicks off every time I see Phil in Midfield lately! We've become an attacking team since Santa came last Christmas with the goods! Jelly, Nuts and Gibbo (Must have got the wrong address! xD)! So our game's changed! As a result we need CMs to match! Question is, can Thomas Hitzlsperger step up to the challenge and help secure the back 4 like we so desperately need? I actually think he can! But even so, we'd still need to sign another CM in the shape or form of Gibson, Keane the gr8 or Oviedo to keep up the memento of the last few games going! Felli could be off in Jan for all we know! And what with the media's new found perpetual... erm, "Freak On" for him lately, we should strike while the iron's hot! (No pun intended!) and get as much as we can for him! The lad made a classy move recently and signed a new contract with us! And for that he'll always have my gratitude and respect! That contract made and saved us millions (The opportunity to do so anyway!) Yes, I'd love him to stay but TBH, We wouldn't last 5 minutes in Europe with the small squad we've got! so I'd love Moyes to do what he does best when he gets his spending spree on and add more Quality to the squad so we don't fall (or get pushed off) at the 1st hurdle in the Champions League! We all know Everton will always need that extra indisputable goal for the lines man or Ref who may or may not "chalk one off" on us! After last time, would you put it past them? Rhetorical question I know but somehow I still felt the need to say it! But getting back to it, all I'm waffling on about is this, the potential is there! I know it, I feel it! And I can almost taste it too! I'm hoping and praying that Moyes has got the board by the "Steven Pienaars" to go out and invest in the team while the wind is still in our sails! We lost a shed load when we let Ba go to the Barcodes! He was letting the whole world know he wanted to go to Everton but we lacked the commitment to make it happen like many times before! And don't get me started on Nuts! But.. Maybe we needed to do all that to get to where we are now! Who knows? Maybe we're finally learning to speculate to acclimate! If so January could be just as exciting as last January (But FFS don't quote me on it though xD) Until then...Actung Tommy La! That's your queue! Time to make History! You'll never get a sweeter opportunity in all your lifetime as what you see before you! No pressure!
Doug, Liverpool, 12:51 PM 11/10/2012
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