U21's Crash To 3rd Straight Defeat
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Everton U21's (Rezzies) lost their third game on the bounce last night crashing 3-0 away against The Arse.

Boss Stubbsy is understandably unhappy and laid the blame at the ref's door because of some dodgy penalty decisions. His charges have now played three, lost three with 2 for and 11 against.

Stubbsy said:"The scoreline doesn't reflect the game."

"The third one is a penalty, the first one wasn't and the second one should have been"

"It's difficult not to criticise the referee, but in order to improve the league, I think they have to improve the refereeing as well. There were two major decisions in the game and he got both of them wrong, which had a huge effect on the game."

"The performance was better, I thought we had a better shape to our team. Even though I am pleased by that, we have still conceded three goals which are individual mistakes, which can't happen. "

"You can't fault their effort, that is something we don't even question because we know that is always there. It is disappointing when they see their effort thrown out the window because of poor decisions. We have to dust ourselves down and go again. There were better signs today, the lads at the back did really well, we defended well and the scoreline doesn't reflect that."

Chin up Stubbsy.


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The Standards seem to be dropping again with referee's I remember big dunc just jumping and getting warned next time I book you It take player's out the game Fallaini got more than he gave and was booked ,It took him out the game So Stubbsy get to a meeting with other clubs and get sort it out the ref on saturday was his first match ? and perfectly good ref on the side lines as 4th ref ? The FA get a lot of money To put poor referees out ,So don't you think we should get some money back for there poor manager skills
bob , walton, 9:54 AM 4/09/2012
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