Sunday 24th May 2015 3:00 PM
(Everton Wear The New Home Kit)
Everton Team: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Galloway (Distin), Mirallas (Naismith), McCarthy, Barry, Osman, Barkley (Besic), Lukaku
Subs: Robles, Distin(84m), Besic(46m), Atsu, McGeady, Kone, Naismith(73m)
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Comments about Andy's Rankin
Absolutely pathetic performance. You'd have thought that they would have put in some effort to end with a flourish, but this was dire - again! I fear for the future.
Tim. G, A in M, 6:26 PM 30/05/2015
6. Fran Unfortunately I think the best deadball player at the club will leave on 1st July and I don't mean Distin or Alcaraz. 7. J Galloway is a rookie centre half. Both are linked why are we letting Garbutt go? We need a replacement for Barry ( Fer?) We need pace wide (Delefeuou?) and another striker (Austin?)
Tess Tickle, The Muncaster Pub, Bootle, 1:03 PM 27/05/2015
It was like playing with 10 with Galoway looked lost,never really makes himself in a postion to win the ball and has no awareness whats around him. Alot to learn , I know hes a kid but he needs to be out on Loan next season not our 2nd choice left back. As for the rest of the team what a disgrace, last game at home in front of the people who pay your wage and not arsed one bit. No pressure happy to let spurs play around on the edge of our box all game . Stones was the only one who done something for me
J, Liverpool , 12:30 AM 27/05/2015
I wanted Martinez, and still think he can turn us around, but by fuck,the turn would want to start very early next season. A few thing from the last few games. Who is our peno taker, Baines takes shite corners and takes too long to take them The atmosphere is dead, mainly because of our slow tempo, the fans dont get to the edge of their seats. We have no leader on the pitch, Jags is a great player but by fuck hes not captain material. We have potentially one hell of a centre forward, but dont play to his strengths. RM may hope to get more of his own men in during the summer, and people who can play to his style and want, but the clock is ticking fast, No positive signs before Christmas, Adios Roberto
Fran, Dublin , 9:58 PM 26/05/2015
The last two home games have been shameful but sadly what we've come to expect this season .
Paul, Wirral, 8:50 PM 26/05/2015
Lets all go and get are heads down for a few months.We need the respite.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 7:18 PM 26/05/2015
Another dreadful display that summed up the whole season. Awful :o(
Spectator, Crosby, 7:09 PM 26/05/2015
scores just about sums up the whole season the same from first game to last by most players much improvement needed for next season by all
Blue Nick, The Street End, 5:39 PM 26/05/2015
Poor performance all round today, what on earth has happened to Barkley who was awful today and lulaku not much better. Better effort in second half with Ossie leading the way Stones my MOM
Nudged, St Helen's , 9:38 AM 25/05/2015
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