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the arse
Sunday 1st March 2015 2:05 PM
Everton Team: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Garbutt, McCarthy, Barry (Gibson), Besic (Naismith), Mirallas (Lennon), Barkley, Lukaku
Subs: Robles, Alcaraz, Osman, Gibson(84m), Lennon(62m), Kone, Naismith(77m)
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John Stones Back For Everton
John Stones Back For Everton

Everton will have the same squad as Thursday night with the addition of Aaron Lennon who was ineligible and John Stones, who was suspended. 

That means Romelu Lukaku is fit after coming off in the second half against Young Boys.

It looks like Stonesy will replace Antolin Alcaraz, who did well against Young Boys.

Roberto will have to decide if Aaron Lennon will be a better option than Kevin Mirallas, who scored against Young Boys.

Another decision is will Bainesy return instead of Luke Garbutt, who doesnt seem to put a foot wrong, when he has come in.

The fit-again Leon Osman could get a run out from the bench again, making the stories of him never playing again laughable.

Everton squad: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Alcaraz, Garbutt, McCarthy, Barry, Mirallas, Gibson, Naismith, Lukaku, Robles, Baines, Browning, Besic, Osman, Barkley, Kone, Lennon, Stones, Browning.

The Sausage starting XI: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Mirallas, Gibson, Naismith, Lukaku.  




Comments about Team News
I cannot believe it! (naive of me)! Gibson on the bench, he's been more creative in 115 minutes, than all the rest of the centre midfielders have shown all season. Barkley starts, out of form, will be played out of position again making us unbalanced. Martinez is really hurting us. What is the basis for getting in the team???????? (Howard, Barry) You can't help but think some of the players must absolutely resent him! We'll sit deep won't tackle pass sideways... and watch on as Howard, Barry and Lukaku play another blinder!! And do it all again next time round
jon, jersey, 1:25 PM 1/03/2015
Whatever first eleven he picks, hope it includes Barkley. With eleven or twelve games left we should be safe simply because there is a half a dozen teams in the bottom end playing worse than we are. Therefore RM should take the gamble on giving Barkley a free role for the rest of season anywhere he wants on the pitch ( like if safe to mention Cantona style). Nobody seems to know his best position so let him find it by playing and getting his confidence back. Without doubt the potential is there, if he was even half as cocky as the Cantona fella i think we'd have some player. Just depends if robbie is brave enough to take himself out of his strait jacket again like he did last week in rediscovering Gibbo.
G, Dublin, 10:50 PM 28/02/2015
Howard stones jags Baines Coleman mirallas mcarthy ross Lennon Gibson lukaku. Can't have three defensive players in middle.
Karlos, Sofa, 6:08 PM 28/02/2015
Arsenal aren't themselves lately and might just be the ideal team to help Everton back to winning ways! I predict a 2-1 win for Everton (2-0 win if Robles plays) and Bobby hushing the crowd.... Lol OK he's too much a gent for that.
doug, liverpool, 5:54 PM 28/02/2015
I think the Sausage 11 will probably be the starting line up for the frying pan at Arsenal. However, you never know with Bobby, especially if he has had the morning off to watch Saturday Kitchen. We may all have egg on our face as he decides a different ingredient is required.....something to give a greater intensity to the taste and to provide a phenomenal experience. So don't be surprised if Lennon starts and Kev is left looking pasty faced on the bench. Still hopeful that a bad dose of porridge may upset Tim's tum to let Joel back in.......and Luke. Well we have to hang on to him. Would back him to win Masterfleftback 2015/16. Don't forget...Bainsey is the next Philip Lamb ( or is that Lahm?!)
Neil (SOG), Exeter, 12:20 PM 28/02/2015
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