Saturday 31st January 2015 3:00 PM
Goal Scorers: Lukaku(2m)
Everton Team: Robles, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, McGeady, Besic, Barry, Mirallas (Oviedo), Naismith, Lukaku (Kone)
Subs: Griffiths, Oviedo(68m), Distin, Alcaraz, Barkley, Gibson, Kone(90m)
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Mo In Great Form
Mo In Great Form

Everton have Kevin Mirallas, James McCarthy, Darron Gibson and Sylvain Distin added to the squad for the game at Crystal Palace on Saturday.

Roberto Martinez has to pick 2 from 3 - McCarthy, Barry and Besic in the midfield.

A dilemma says the manager.

Roberto said: "I hope I have that dilemma.

"That is what you want as a manager, you want to have players enjoying their football and in good moments of form and Mo Besic is a footballer that is in a good moment.

"I said it, the day he joined the club, he has the character to be an Everton great and when I see his performances it gives you a smile.

"He is always fully committed, he is a great tackler and is someone that enjoys winning the ball back.

"He has terrific energy, tactically he is developing all the time and technically he is a player you can see how good he is getting in every game he is playing and he is only 22.

"He has very impressive international experience already so, yes, you want those problems but when you have good players you can always fit them into a line-up.

"So that wouldn't be my concern, my concern is to have players who are fully fit and to make sure James McCarthy does not get rushed into action when he is not ready.

"It is a good dilemma to have.

"They have all played together in a few games and Mo and James McCarthy understand each other very well and Gareth Barry always has that old head and experienced head to make partnerships work around him.

"James McCarthy is 24, Mo Besic is 22, they have their best years ahead but step-by-step I would love to have those sort of dilemmas because players are doing well and competing for places.

"James McCarthy has always been an important player since he arrived at the club.

"He came on against Chelsea in what was an important victory for us and then in the second-half against West Ham and from that point on he became a real reliable performer.

"Once you have a player of that influence missing for that long length you are going to find it tough but in the same way, injuries happen, they are part of the game and it is up to the team to be able to cope with that and making sure when we get James back we allow him to find his feet and we allow him to compete for his place and make it a natural introduction into the side.

"We value James McCarthy immensely and every fan does too."

Everton squad: Robles, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, Besic, Barry, Naismith, Barkley, Mirallas, Lukaku, McCarthy, Gibson, Griffiths, Garbutt, Oviedo, Browning, Hibbert, Distin, Alcaraz, Kone.

Ernie's Starting XI: Robles, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Naismith, Barkley, Mirallas, Lukaku. 

What team Would You Start With? Comment Below.


Comments about Team News
Robles,coleman,jags,stonesy,baines,mirralas(right wing)Oviedo (left wing),McCarthy, besic,Naismith,lukaku.
Chris, Wirral , 12:52 PM 31/01/2015
Robles,Coleman,Jags,Stones, Baines,Besic,Mcarthy,Oviedo, Mirallas,Kone,Lukaku
Joe, West Derby , 12:50 PM 31/01/2015
McCarthy and besic in midfield and fuck the golden child's Barry and Naismith right off. Barkley in that advanced roll with all all the haters of the best English talent since Rooney staying at home!
Growy09, Walton, 1:45 AM 31/01/2015
I think he will play Barry and Besic and Macca on the bench but long term its gotta be Besic n McCarthy also Barry 1 booking from a ban anyway what matters is 3 points... Onwards Evertonians
billy, winsford, 12:48 AM 31/01/2015
Robles baines jags stones coleman Oveido McCarthy Besic Miralas barkley Lukaku Please no Barry , because what does he actually bring to the team. A killer pass NO HIs blistering NO HIs dribbling skills No HIs class tackling tackling No
Lee, Chester, 12:32 AM 31/01/2015
BLUEBALLZ, EVERTON, 11:04 PM 30/01/2015
Disagree with Ernie a bit we have got to get pace into the team Besic for Barry and Oviedo for Barkley Martinez has to take young Barkley out of the limelight the crowd are always on his back and it will destroy him he will be better used as an impact player coming on late on
Barrow Boys, Barrow-in-Furness, 10:21 PM 30/01/2015
Robles,Coleman,Stones,Jagielka, Baines,McCarthy,Barry,Besic, Barkley,Miralles,Lukaku. Formation 4-3-1-1-1 Three man midfield with Barry sitting in front of the back four to break up play,Barkley free role,Mirralles playing in the hole behind Lukaku
Paul, Connahs Quay, 9:27 PM 30/01/2015
No, no, no! Oviedo in for Barkley and Besic must start with McCarthy. Far too late for safe options.
Nutty1949, Season ticket holder, 8:56 PM 30/01/2015
Roberto - it is not a dilemma ! It is straightforward - No Roberto it is not phenomenal or anything to do with the second half of the season ! BESIC and McCarthy - do you get it Amigo ?
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 6:18 PM 30/01/2015
It's not really a dilemma is it? It's an obvious choice. Mo and McCarthy.
David, Ormskirk, 6:07 PM 30/01/2015
You have to give credit to Roberto for landing Mo and James McC … But don't all rush at once, don't want anyone to strain anything or pull a mussle.
doug, BK dog house apparently, 5:46 PM 30/01/2015
I don't see a dilemma. Mo Besic has been in tremendous form, Barry has been is poor form, Gibbo has zero form. Robles, Seamus, Stonesy, Jags, Garbutt, Mo, Jimmy Mac, Not so super Kev, Bainesy (LM), Nais, Lukaku.
Brent , Vancouver, Canada, 5:35 PM 30/01/2015
3-5-2 Robles Stones Jag Barry Coleman Besic Naismith McCarthy Baines Mirralas Lukaku Barclay as impact sub
Tess Tickle, The Muncaster pub Bootle, 5:04 PM 30/01/2015
McCarthy & Besic - no brainer!
Kev GB, Wrexham, 2:52 PM 30/01/2015
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