Thursday 1st January 2015 3:00 PM
Referee: Kevin Friend
Everton Team: Robles, Alcaraz, Jagielka, Barry, Coleman, Mirallas (Lukaku), Besic (Oviedo), Barkley, Baines, Naismith, Kone
Subs: Griffiths, Oviedo(45m), McGeady, Atsu, Eto'o, Lukaku(45m)
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It is very difficult to predict an Everton team these days. On the injury front Gibbo, Hibbo, Leon, Peanuts and Tim are all out.

There is better news for Jags, Macca and Stonsey. The three lads all have a chance to play against Hull. They will have late fitness tests. If they make it, I think all should play.

We also have Steven Naismith back after suspension.

Roberto said: "James McCarthy will be assessed for Thursday. It's too early to say at the moment. It was more of a precaution [that he was withdrawn] against Newcastle rather than an injury - he couldn't continue, but we'll have to be careful that he gets back to being fully fit before he faces the demands of a full 90-minute game."

Everton squad : Griffiths, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Besic, Barry, Naismith, Eto'o, Barkley, Lukaku, Robles, Garbutt, Stones, Alcaraz, McGeady, Pienaar, Kone, McCarthy, Mirallas, Oviedo, Browning, Naismith. 

Sausage's Starting XI; Robles, Coleman, Jagielka, Stones, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Naismith, Garbutt, Mirallas, Lukaku  

What Would Your Starting XI Be?


Comments about Team News
RM blames the lack of quality among his players and not himself for disastrous performances, just as Hitler blamed the Germans for his own demise. Insane, deluded control freaks the both of them.
John T, Bristol, 12:08 AM 2/01/2015
Groundhog day!!!!!!!! Get him out for Christ sake!!!!!!!!
Swervy, Wirral, 4:51 PM 1/01/2015
Doug (11) run of bad luck ?? You make your own luck and we are shit with this clown in charge. Players being played out of position to a system and style that is so predictable we are making teams like Hull, Newcastle, Stoke and even QPR look like world beaters !! He needs to go and Kenwright needs to grow a pair and make a decision
Harvey, Coventry , 4:37 PM 1/01/2015
Same old rubbish. New Year, New Manager please. Now he is being shown for what he is. A "Charlatan" and if you don't believe it check the stats.
Russ J, St End, 4:10 PM 1/01/2015
Saying this at Half time....if we lose today we are 100% in a relegation scrap. Where does the leave your attacking style "Bobby brown shoes".... You and your team are too soft...anyone can turn us over!!!
Mick, Ormskirk, 3:56 PM 1/01/2015
Just switched off after the most inept Everton performance since Mike walker was in charge. Get rid of Martinez before he takes us to the championship.
joe , Mossley Hill, 3:56 PM 1/01/2015
Sorry Bill but I fear you have left it too late. We have a Manager who is staring the Championship in the face who reckons the style we play is the right one it's only that the players arn't good enough, surely you choose a style to suit your players . We appointed Moyse when it looked certain we would end up in the Championship maybe we need to appoint a Manager who knows his way around the present Championship
Badges, Rhyl, 3:55 PM 1/01/2015
Further to my last outburst, I'd just like to add that the huge majority of shrill and negative diatribes here are as illegible as they are objectionable - spelling amd grammar are at shocking levels and some don't even make the slightest syntactical sense. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously?
Kaiser, Toxteth, 2:30 PM 1/01/2015
I'm pretty troubled at the moment I must admit. I have never rated McGeady and Barry and don't want them anywhere near the first team. Gerry Del is sorely missed - he's only one man it's true, but the terror he created when bearing down on defences was invaluable because it freed space up for others, even if he didn't score or assist directly. The best Christmas present would be to get him back. I'd also like to see Bryan get a bit of game time and support, anyone who watched him last season will knoe he has the quality. We also have the senior citizens brigade who, despite being great servants for the most part, have been relied on for one season too long. But then, without loads of cash, you can't just replace six or seven players who still offer something AND buy in new blood in areas where we've got nothing. One of the worst elements of our play thus far is a simple lack of intensity - none of the devastating raids forward of last season, and an embarrassing drop off in our harrying to win the ball back. Having said all of that, I'm disgusted at some of the hysterical shrieking on here. I'm seeing sentiments akin to 'worst Everton performance I've ever seen', 'we were never this bad under Moyes', 'Martinez is a charlatan and must be axed' etc. Well now you gang of excitable, moaning harpies, I'm telling you all to get a f***ing grip. I'm only 25 but I can remember patches of play that make even recent performances look classy. I believe we are currently in twelfth - how can some be idiotic enough to say things like 'it can't get any worse'?!! Beyond belief. Look, nobody forces you to spend money on watching the games. Either get behind the man that gave us our highest ever points total in the Premier League and the most exciting style within my living memory, or bail it to the other side of the park yer scruffs. COME ON YOU BLUES! The end
Kaiser, Toxteth, 2:05 PM 1/01/2015
mc geady has been a disaster for everton he has no control over the ball whatsoever !! Distan hang your boots up sorry mate your finished !! we need two midfield playmakers and two CentreHalf....
kev brougham, liverpool, 1:21 PM 1/01/2015
Play our best in their own position's, n stop this playing out from the back,if it's near our box fukin hoof it.
daz.m, st.helens, 1:05 PM 1/01/2015
Have to commend BK for not getting on the "Let's all blame El Bob" band wagon. It's a Toffeeweb mentality to piss and moan the minute teams aren't falling back with their legs open! We've had a shit run of luck that's effected every member in our team. A bit of TLC is definitely needed to drag us out the mire! Let's all get behind El Bob and the boys! WE ARE EVERTON!
doug, Liverpool, 1:02 PM 1/01/2015
Get Barry out of the side.
John, Wales, 12:50 PM 1/01/2015
Robles Coleman Stones Jags Baines Besic Mirallas Naismith Oviedo Kone Lukaku If Kone is not reckoned fit enough to start and play 90 mins then Kone sub and Barkley or McCarthy alongside Besic in a 4231 formation
Richard P, Dubai, 12:29 PM 1/01/2015
why isnt oviedo starting he did brilliant last season in midfield and also covering bainsy when he was injured
philos, ellesmere port, 11:01 AM 1/01/2015
I would go 3-5-2 Robles,stone distin and jagielka,baines and coleman wing backs with besic and barkley with mirallas just in behind kone and lukaku
stuart, cullompton, 10:53 AM 1/01/2015
Robles, Coleman, Stones, Jagielka, Baines, Besic, Barkley, Mirallas, Barkley, Oviedo, Kone
jiminy billy bob thornton, essex, 5:41 AM 1/01/2015
Starting 11 Griffiths, Coleman, Jags, Distin, Baines, Besic, McCarthy, Oviedo, Naismith, Mirallas, Kone. I don't rate Robles as a good keeper, sorry, Barry and Etoo have been poor in the last few games and if we are going to keep playing high balls up to a striker to hold the ball up, it can't be Lukaku as I haven't seen him win a header yet.
vern w, kent, 3:12 AM 1/01/2015
I'd go with Kone ahead of Lukaku, maybe bring him on halfway through the second for Garbutt, but pretty solid squad from Sausage there. COYB!
Tom R., Cardiff, 12:17 AM 1/01/2015
Leave Barry at home need some pace in midfield besic and McCarthy will do a great job can't afford any defensive slip ups against hull. Good service to hopefully an energetic lukaku should brush hull aside
Iwan, Mold, 7:30 PM 31/12/2014
Go 4-4-2 give them something to think about for a change Robles, Colman, Jags, Stones, Baines, McCarthy, Besic, Pienaar, Mirallas, Lukaku, Kone Long ball up to the front two from the back No messing around outside our own box with it or out wide to supply the crosses JOB DONE 3 POINTS
Blue Nick, The Street End, 7:23 PM 31/12/2014
I would agree with that starting 11 except have Besic in for Barry. He's a liability that we can't afford with our current choice of goalkeepers.
Rob, Hesketh Bank, 6:11 PM 31/12/2014
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