Sunday 28th December 2014 4:15 PM
(Live On Sky Sports)
Goal Scorers: Kone(4m), Mirallas(83m)
Everton Team: Robles, Coleman, Alcaraz, Distin, Garbutt, Barry, McCarthy (Barkley), Baines, McGeady (Mirallas), Eto'o, Kone (Lukaku)
Subs: Oviedo, Browning, Besic, Barkley(45m), Lukaku(72m), Mirallas(58m)
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God knows what the Everton side will be for the Newcastle game tomorrow.

Naisy is suspended after picking up his 5th booking at Stoke. Jags and Tim Howards didn't make the second half against Stoke and John Stones and Kevin Mirallas are both doubts having picked up injuries during the game yesterday.

Added to that Leon, Christian Atsu , Gibbo and Hibbo remain doubts. We don't know what's happened to Mo Besic. But let's hope he's ok.

Maybe Roberto will spring a few surprises. Arouna Kone to start anyone?

Roberto said: "It is important we recover everyone well and get the players focussed on a very important game. 

"We built ourselves up to bounce back (against Stoke) and nothing went in our favour.

"Now we need to be closer than ever as a football club and help the players in the best possible way. 

"We need each other in this period."

Everton squad MIGHT BE: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Besic, Barry, Naismith, Eto'o, Barkley, Lukaku, Robles, Garbutt, Stones, Alcaraz, McGeady, Pienaar, Kone, McCarthy, Mirallas, Oviedo, Browning. 

Sausage's Starting XI; Robles, Coleman, Alcaraz, Distin, Baines, Besic, Barry, McGeady, Barkley,  Eto'o, Kone.  

What Would Your Starting XI Be?


Comments about Team News
I never thought I would say this but get Moyes back quick. He knows how to fight for points when times are tough. He proved this many times. Too many times has RM pointed to refereeing decisions that cost us. Once or twice perhaps a season but not every week. RM's best team other than McCarthy is Moyes's team anyway.
Ben, Orlando, 6:39 PM 28/12/2014
Please go back to Wigan Bob. I will pay your Train fare and get you a lift to the Station, You are gonna get us relegated, ya soppy, smooth talking F**ker
baz, warwick, 6:37 PM 28/12/2014
It is getting worse. Zero points over Christmas without playing any of the top teams. Terrible. It was poor before the Soton game but come on? RM has been found out. Everyone wants to play us at the moment. The players lack confidence which is the manager's fault. Time for a change. Act fast BK before it is too late then whoever comes in can maximize the transfer window.
Ben, Orlando, 6:32 PM 28/12/2014
What. A. Fucking. Shambles. Again. Martinez is doing to us what he done to Wigan. We'll be in the championship next season and its likely WE'LL LOSE THE NEXT THREE GAMES and be out of the cup as well. There's not a one of them got any spirit or courage, none of them look like they give a fuck and that includes softshite Martinez who keeps coming out with shite excuses. I bet he says we were unlucky in this game after we got a runaround. I wouldn't be surprised if Mirallas and a few others want out in January after this latest fucking mess. This is the worst Everton team I've seen and that's saying something. Disgraceful the whole gang of them.
Macca, Huyton, 6:25 PM 28/12/2014
We can make anyone look good. Enough of this, Martinez has no clue. Time to go before we are bottom 6, and that will be upon us pretty soon.
Russ J, St End, 5:36 PM 28/12/2014
Did not want him in first place but thought he had proved me wrong last season except fulham away in the cup said then he had no plan b now it seems he is proving me right. Things have to change asap or we will be in serious trouble nothing worse than players lacking in confidence
Colin, great sankey, 3:03 PM 28/12/2014
Had play 4 3 2 1 same defence but stones for distin then besic Barry macarthy Barkley mirallas lukaku counter attack with wing backs let teams come on to us for a change
Mooney, Walton, 2:57 PM 28/12/2014
try direct through balls on ground for kevin+luka................stop the square balls across back ...cisse will love them...........fill the midfield instead of giving up ground to opposition
mike balmford, st.helens, 2:53 PM 28/12/2014
Would like to see eleven fit players, rather than players carrying injuries or playing out of position. So Joel, Coleman, Alcaraz, Distin, Baines, Barry, McCarthy, Oviedo, McGeady, Barkley behind Kone. RM out in the summer, sooner if it looks like he's taking us down.
Steve, Retford, 1:17 PM 28/12/2014
this site is so far behind the game - get with the aaction guys
ronnie flood, jolly miller, 11:56 AM 28/12/2014
Joel Colman Alcaraz Distan Baines, Mcgeady Mccarthy Barry Oviedo,Barkley,Kone
Blly, winsford, 10:03 AM 28/12/2014
To be honest this problem has been there since the pre season games. The back four don't have any idea of how to get the ball forward quickly .You are always going to struggle to score when you let the opposing team get eleven players behind the ball .How long will it take for El Bob to realize the system is not working I fear the ship will have sunk before the captain orders abandon ship
The Cypriot, Cyprus, 8:31 AM 28/12/2014
If we've got no fit wingers i,e Mirallas, Pienaar, why not go with Browning n Garbutt as fullbacks and play Coleman n Baines in front of them, we need quality coming into the box n they can provide that if they get into the right areas. Besic n Mccarthy in middle of park , Barkley n Rom up top. Can't get any worse , can it. COYB.
Big T , Melbourne, 7:43 AM 28/12/2014
Doug#7 spot on. And lets have wide players in front of the fullbacks please. I would like to see 442 as we need to win this game, not just fanny about with the ball
LES, PHUKET, 5:36 AM 28/12/2014
Every year a team in the Premier League goes into freefall - so Roberto wake up and smell your chorizo cos we are in dire straits ! This game against the Geordies is one hell of a game to prove that it aint us in freefall. I am really worried,
Craig Findlater, Romsey Hampshire, 10:21 PM 27/12/2014
Howard .Baines.stones.birdman. Coleman Mirralas mac.besic.Mcgeady. Ross Kone
Tommy, London, 8:19 PM 27/12/2014
Don't care who plays, just play them in their natural positions! I know it sound's crazey but it just might work!
doug, liverpool, 7:54 PM 27/12/2014
Does it really matter what players he puts out, we all know what to expect! In my opinion I think there's a big problem behind the scenes, too many players struggling can't be a coincidence. Its clear that we've been sussed by the other sides and El bob is clueless on how to change things but I think the loss of passion and togetherness, that has been a major Everton asset, is most worrying. Has El bob lost the players, the rumours of spats with Distin and Pienaar seem to support this. The Wigan fans warnings when Martinez first came look prophetic now. Defeats to Newcastle, Hull and then West Ham in the cup looks inevitable right now. I've never been one to turn on the manager, even Mike Walker but this time its different, I can't even watch or read El bobs press conferences because they're just farcically inane & stupid. I'll still be at the West Ham and whatever happens I never boo but somethings gotta give or I can't see anything other than serious relegation threat. And breath, rant over.
Bri_g, Waterloo, 7:32 PM 27/12/2014
If we lose heavily at Newcastle I reckon Roberto will be living on borrowed time. Performances this season have been worse than disastrous, apart from a couple of games in the Europa. This can't go on, enough is enough. This is the closest I've ever been to being ashamed of the team. Not even Walter Smith's teams were this bad. It almost doesn't matter what team he selects because the fans are close to completely losing faith in him. He looks and sounds like a rabbit frozen in the headlights.
Spectator, Crosby, 6:20 PM 27/12/2014
We are in a dire situation right now. Teams have sussed out how to beats us and we face a daunting trip to Newcastle tomorrow which isn't good. Fortunately they are playing badly too. Naismith will be banned tomorrow so stick Barkley in the number 10 role with Kone up front. I'd like to see Besic alongside McCarthy in the middle with Super Kev and McGeady on the wings. If Jags is injured then Alcaraz with Stones in the centre and Baines and Seamus the fullbacks. Fingers crossed for Howard because Robles is a liability. COYB
Big Vern, Penzance, 3:24 PM 27/12/2014
Just to make it even worse, Naismith is suspended. I think the team should be: Joel, Coleman, Stones Alcaraz Baines, Besic, McCarthy, Mirallas, Barkley, Garbutt, Eto'o Garbutt to come in to take corners and free-kicks!
Dan, Wrexham, 2:50 PM 27/12/2014
NAismith is suspended so wont be in the squad.I doubt Jags or Howard will be so my team would be Robles Coleman Stones Distin Garbutt MCCarthy Besic Barry Baines Lukaku Mirallas (or Barkley)
jay Harris, Florida, 2:45 PM 27/12/2014
I think Naismith is suspended. Would use the oppurtunity to go 4-4-2. Think lukaku needs a proper strike partner upfront while he's low on confidence
David v, Uk, 2:44 PM 27/12/2014
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