Saturday 23rd August 2014 5:30 PM
(All Ticket Sell Out - Live On TV)
Referee: Kevin Friend
Attendance: 39490
Goal Scorers: Coleman(19m), Naismith(45m)
Everton Team: Howard, Coleman, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, McCarthy, Barry, Mirallas (Atsu), Naismith, Pienaar (Osman), Lukaku (McGeady)
Subs: Alcaraz, Besic, Osman(10m), Atsu(85m), McGeady(75m)
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Comments about Andy's Rankin
Understand the frustration but from my seat we were superb for most of the game just lost our concentration for the last 10mins and against the best sides is difficult also thought the crowd were very nervous, big game against Chelski sat lets get behind the Blues they are going to need us.
Ezza, Derby, 10:29 AM 26/08/2014
Why is everyone laying into McG? No doubt they're the same Nais sayers who were ripping into him when he first came to the fold! I was right about Nais then and I'm right now about McG now, cut the guy some slack! He's as commited as Nais and he already makes up 1 quatre of Everton's entire goal tally! Apologies on previous comment when I got my Left from right mixed up. It happens sometimes...I'm not proud of it!
Doug Lord Protector of McG, Liverpool, 6:40 PM 25/08/2014
Had to eat plenty of humble pie were Steven is concerned,but i hold my hands up by choking on my initial scepticism.The lad has acquitted himself tremendously well to become a big player at Everton,make no bones about it,were not as functional without him on the park.Take my hat off to him,if i had one,first class attitude and his desire brings out the best in those alongside him.Very much part of our destiny,he's playing now as if he has been there years,inspirational and tireless,considering he's had to confront his injury demons.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 4:31 PM 25/08/2014
Do not panic, do not overreact and be careful what you post as you will probably end up looking and feeling stupid. We were the best team on Saturday for 70 minutes. I believe the turning point was when Lukaku was substituted. Although he didn't have his best game (apart from his part in Naismith's goal ) he worried and disrupted Arsenals defence so much they had him man marked. Once he went off Monreal was virtually unopposed coming forward and this put us on the back foot against a very good team. The two goals we conceded were a mixture of poor defending and excellent finishing. Until their two goals Jags and Distain were very good. We do need 2 or 3 players as back up which, hopefully, Roberto will sort out before deadline day. I am sure that under Roberto we are heading in the right direction.
Syd Barrett, Space, 1:11 PM 25/08/2014
7 for Lukaku - did we really pay 28 million for him and a 7 for Osman - he cant run. McGeady is a waste of time as well. We need to buy another striker and a winger.......
Marty, Londaon, 10:43 AM 25/08/2014
Going forward we look impressive. At the back we are looking shocking in Jags and Buzz. Nothing to do with Tim, lack of concentration maybe on the centre backs. I'd bring in a new face at the back or we will be leaking goals all over the place
rick, plymouth, 9:39 AM 25/08/2014
1st BK pls allow me to give a Big Up to Rodwell for kicking Manure in the daddy bags! Keep the good wrk up lad, just throw a sicky when u lot play us.. Back on Topic. Bit harsh on McG (6pts), thought we had a new breath of wind when he came on. Didn't have much to do when he switched to right wing but did more to cmerit 6pts! Too bad some of the other players couldn't keep up to his pace (not u Nais, we all 💛 U)! Atsu fluffed his lines in the box but other then that, I was impressed with his pace, nerves got the better of him though. Lukaku showed signs of his £28m price tag with only a few Victor Anichuby moments (soz Vick)!
Doug, Liverpool , 7:52 PM 24/08/2014
Jaquielka and Distin have made too many mistakes for too long how. Its time something was done about it instead of hoplng things will get better they wont .Its gone on too long now.The fans are sick of the mistakes all the time.
mark, north wales, 7:19 PM 24/08/2014
We were seven minutes away from recording a very comfortable victory for the second year running against one of the "Sky 4." Let's keep things in perspective Evertonians. We controlled the game from start to 75 minutes and on another day we come away with the victory and the feeling across the board is one of pure optimism, instead, we've gone to sleep and we've gifted Arsenal with a point. Team in general looked solid to me. Aside from Coleman's left footed whiff in the first half, Howard didn't have a save to make. The abuse that Jags and Distin are getting is unfair in my opinion. The team were marshaled well all game. Again, perspective. My one concern is our fitness levels. We do look knackered and one can only conclude that the lads didn't get enough match time during pre-season. Give it time. We got off to a similar start last season and look how we finished. Under Moyes we always seemed to get stronger as the season progressed, but lacked the quality to put a run together. Under Bobby we have the quality in abundance and I've no doubt our frustrating start will be a thing of the past. Tough start to the season though having to play Arsenal, Chelease, United and Liverpool in the first 10 games. We'll be fine.
Dan, Washington, 6:27 PM 24/08/2014
Naismith and barry were outstanding . Coleman bar his goal was terrible , worst performance I seen from him since the benfica game . However mirallas and then mcgeady Didn't protect him much. I Don't think we need another keeper I think we need a cb that will challenge distin and jags and bring the best out of them. Keep stones and duffy fot the cup games and get fazio in the lad spurs are after 8mil euro buyout. We dont need alcaraz either
J, Liverpool, 4:17 PM 24/08/2014
Why didn't Coleman Barry and Osman get taken off after 70 mins .... They was running round on empty, totally unfit..... Besic should have came on before Osman also Distan and Jags need to sort it out coz most of the goals have come from their mistakes by switching off
Ian, North Wales, 3:37 PM 24/08/2014
Why didn't Coleman Barry and Osman get taken off after 70 mins .... They was running round on empty, totally unfit..... Besic should have came on before Osaman
Ian, North Wales, 3:35 PM 24/08/2014
Conceding late two games in a row looks like lack of fitness, poor concentration and/or lack of respect for the opposition Both Leicester and Arsenal are hard-working sides with a decent amount of, and a huge amount of, quality respectively
PW, Ormskirk, 3:21 PM 24/08/2014
Nothing to do with the keeper at all.(albeit that we need a back up)perhaps we need to look at attitudes when it is written off so blithely as lack of fitness levels and there is very little anger or disappointment on display.
Win, Stafford, 3:04 PM 24/08/2014
Baz,Warwick my post read another keeper not a new keeper,we need someone to keep Tim aware that he's not guaranteed 1st choice,Robles is not that man,goalkeeper's need to command their 6 yard box and shout at the defence,Tim obviously doesn't do it.
daz.m, st.helens, 2:54 PM 24/08/2014
Can understand the lack of user comment today - deep despondency being the reason. We've fluffed it once again and thrown away yet another two points that were lying there for us on a plate.
John T, Bristol, 1:53 PM 24/08/2014
We don't need a new keeper We need to stop taking our foot off the gas and kill teams off instead of trying to hold on to a lead, That was Our biggest mistake in both games so far. Be More Ruthless and we will pick up the wins that Our performances have Merited
baz, warwick, 1:52 PM 24/08/2014
Also well done Naismith who ran himself into the ground AGAIN!!!
daz.m, st.helens, 1:44 PM 24/08/2014
Like it or not but we need another keeper,one who commands his box,Howard knows there's no- one to challenge him,get on the blower to Petr Cech he's after a new club. Gutted for the 2nd week running.
daz.m, st.helens, 1:37 PM 24/08/2014
Agree with Nace, what a shift he puts in and so effective for us, soon to be everyones favorite. Great that he should come back from such a serious injury and show what he can really do.Double figure goal tally this year, get your bets on.
LES, PHUKET, 1:20 PM 24/08/2014
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