Saturday 28th April 2012 3:00 PM
Referee: Phil 'Very' Dowd
Attendance: 31,885
Goal Scorers: Fellaini(15m), Cahill(59m), Jelavic(6, 39m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Heitinga, Distin, Osman, Neville, Gibson (Cahill), Pienaar (Gueye), Fellaini (Barkley), Jelavic
Subs: Mucha, Coleman, Cahill(45m), Barkley(75m), McFadden, Gueye(83m), Stracqualursi
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Derek Egan ‏@delman50 3 - 1 Jelavic Hatrick
Ian McCabe ‏@ianmccabe1878 Everton 4-1 winners today with a Jelavic double. Ozzy also to score on his 300th game for us.
mark taylforth‏ @marktaylforth 2-0 blue boys Jelavic and Osman
John Robert Pringle ‏@JohnPringle94 I'm going 3-1, Jelavic, Gibbo and Denis! #COYB #EFC
Chris Lowndes‏ @CJLowndes  2-0 blues. #SOTD
Marc ‏@Marc__T 3-0 to the mighty blues. Jela. Jela. Ossie.
jack done ‏@jackdone99 4-0 Everton Jelavic 4
Robert Nixon ‏@rnico 6-6
Jay Fearns ‏@DJay_Fearns 3-1
Andy Wiseman‏ @awefc 3-nil Everton #efc
Kevin Landers ‏@KevinLanders3 3-0 Jela (2) and Pienaar
adr41n‏ @adr41n Very much depends which EFC turn up on the day, I'll go with 3-1 #ScoresOnTheDoors #EFC #COYB
Andy evans‏ @andrewe50995035 blue's 2-0
James Jolly ‏@JamesJolly96 3-0 Everton (Jelavic, Osman, Heitinga)
Adam Hill‏ @AdamHill_EFC EFC 1-0 FFC - Jelavic
Jacqui M Collins ‏@JacquiMCollins
Jack Hilton‏ @jack_hilton19 3-0 Jela hat trick!
Joe Waine ‏@JoeWaine 3-1 Jelavic 2 Osman 1!!

Thanks for having a go on facebook

Sean Ferguson ‎3-1 Jelavic 1st goal.
John Keating ‎7-0
Tracy Thomas ‎2-0 Hibbert to score!!!!!
Stevie Scouse ‎3-0 Jelavic hatrick
Paolo Powz Coyb Ceccarelli ‎2-0 Jelavic ( 2 )
Ryan Williams ‎3-0 to the blues. Jelly Hat-Trick.
Alan Withe ‎3-1 Cahill header and jelavic (2)
Stuart Watt ‎3-0 Pienaar
Ken Mulhall ‎2-0 Jelavic,Osman.
Gareth Sayce ‎4-0 Everton Jelly 3 Piennar
Lee Phillips ‎4-2 Everton Jelavic hatrick
Barry Blueforever Cadman ‎3-0 Jelavic to net first Coyb
Conor Mcconville ‎3-0 Everton Jelavic 2 goals Gibson 1
Sandra Walsh ‎2-1 Jelavic coyb
Karl Letman ‎3-1 Jelavic, Fellaini and big vic
Alan McEvoy ‎2-0 hopefully!!! Jelavic & Fellini
Lee Dickinson ‎3-0 Jelavic 2 and Pienaar
Tony Mcloughlin ‎3-1 Everton, Jelavic, Osman and Hibbert ;)
Paul Everton Carr ‎2-0 Jelavic And Peanuts
Tony Schneider ‎3-0 JELAVIC hat trick COYB!!!
Adora Storton ‎3 jelevic 1 tim so 4-1
Ste Stanley ‎1-0 Cahill.
Kyle Evans ‎3-1 with a Jelly Hatrick
Brian Clark ‎8-0 Hibbert (4). Jelavic (3) Howard
Mike Lawson ‎2-0
Bri Boggy Ferguson 3-1
Alex Metcalf ‎5-1
Tony Bateman Martin Jol got them playing decent stuff, so I'll take a win. 2-1
Joe Morgan ‎2-0 osman jelavic
Phil Davies I think it'll be tight .Dempsey and that Russian dude that sounds like an STD can take their chances.2-1 Jelly and a Faddy 25 yard curler
Ian Pilkington After last Sunday 8-8
Daniel O'Neill ‎3-1 Jelavic 2, Osman 1
Richie Gilbertson ‎3-1. jelavic to score first
Vernon Hodge Everton 3. Fulham 1 ........COYB.

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