Sunday 22nd April 2012 12:30 PM
(Live on the luverly SKY)
Referee: Mike Jones
Attendance: 75,522
Goal Scorers: Jelavic(31, 82m), Fellaini(64m), Pienaar(84m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Heitinga, Distin (Cahill), Osman (McFadden), Gibson, Neville, Fellaini, Pienaar, Jelavic
Subs: Mucha, Cahill(83m), Barkley, McFadden(62m), Gueye, Anichebe, Stracqualursi
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It's been a long week for all us Toffees and I don't know if the game against Man Utd is the most ideal to have. In saying that this time the lads should be able to play with no fear because they are not expected to win the game.

Bainsey is out injured and Drenthe is not available because he is a duffer. Hibbo and Phil will be full backs with Johnny and Sylvain at the back.

We have the fortune to have Peanuts back on the left, Ossie will be back on the right unless he decides to throw young  Ross Barkley in. But David Moyes has indicated that he will not give him a go. What has he got to lose. Gibbo and Felli should be paired in the middle

Expected upfront will be Tim and Jellyfish.

You couldn't get a tougher game to come back to and it will be interesting to see if the players give us a positive reaction from the shit week we have had to endure.  

Kipper's starting eleven: Tim, Hibbo, Nev, Johnny, Buzz, Ossie, Gibbo, Felli, Peanuts, Tim and Jelly

What would your starting XI be?

David Moyes said: "We are obviously really disappointed from the game and it is going to take us a wee while to get over it.

"It is not the sort of thing you can just shrug off. It was the semi-final of the cup and I think anyone losing a semi-final finds it hard, but when you lose to your neighbours that makes it even worse.

"So from our point of view, it will take a while, but we have a really good, tough game now and strangely enough, it is one I think I'd prefer to have than not have.

"I actually think after the game we've just had, this is as good as you can get, because we can go there with a little bit of freedom.

"We are not kidding ourselves - it will be a tough game, as it is for every team that goes there.

"But we'll give it a go and try to show the form we have been in, in the main, over the past few months."

Comments about Team News
With Baines missing it would be a good chance to play Heitinga,Distin and Jags as a back 3;Neville,Gibson,Fellaini as a middle 3 and Piennar,Osman,Barkley and Jelavic.Nothing to lose and they don't like teams attacking them.COYB.
John, Garswood, 10:42 AM 22/04/2012
Wish people would stop calling for straq to start. Not good enough... Work rate is great but utds defence would laugh at the prospect of marking him. Also am i the only person that can see distin should be LB with jags in centre. Utd have no height up top so we dnt need his height??? Also we need jags somewhere..... Even at RB
Alex, Leamington, 10:07 AM 22/04/2012
I agree with Laurie,drop Tim. Give the 'banger' a run alongside Jelly. I think the straq would be a a good signing. I like his honest, hardworking approach. He's all about the team and his workrate would be good for jelly who is a top player.
Ronnie, Shrewsbury, 9:11 AM 22/04/2012
Stevie P was a *big* miss last week. His pace, nous and energy should be revitalising this. Hoping for a good showing this week after the second 45 at Wembley. And an upset by the Baggies, natch ;)
Matt, Zurich, 8:46 AM 22/04/2012
White Flag policy is always turned ON at Old Trafford. 3-0 to the Mancs is pretty much standard scoreline. I have no illusions, one of few games I don't really care very much. And to be honest 20th title for Mancs will do nicely to rub the salt even deeper into RS. Hey!Looking on the positives here! ^-^
Michal, Poland, 7:26 AM 22/04/2012
It sticks out like a sore thumb to me Straq should play alongside Jeli. Sorry Tim?
Laurie Hartley, Melbourne, 11:25 PM 21/04/2012
Jags deserves to be back in after missing out at Wembley..Dont understand the criticism of Big Vic, joint top scorer and always does a job when comes off the bench.
Liam, Preston, 9:39 PM 21/04/2012
Wondering what's coming next with tactics and team selection. 1-1 would be okay. A 1-0 blue win would be just the tonic after the redshite blues! Please no Anichebe!
Mal, St.Helens, 7:30 PM 19/04/2012
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