Monday 9th April 2012 3:00 PM
Referee: Kevin Friend
Attendance: 32249
Goal Scorers: Gueye(52m), Pienaar(72m), Osman(73m), Anichebe(80m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Heitinga, Neville (Coleman), McFadden (Drenthe), Pienaar, Osman, Fellaini (Anichebe), Gueye, Stracqualursi
Subs: Coleman(84m), Distin, Duffy, Drenthe(64m), Gibson, Anichebe(74m)
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Will Strac Start?
Will Strac Start?

So who does David Moyes pick tomorrow? It was a nice surprise to see Seamus back in the fold and he will probably get a full game. Also the news coming out of the camp is Royston and Jack will be available. If that's the case I think both will play. Peanuts may get a go in the middle of the park alongside Jack.

Up front you could see Strac and Victor be given a game. As for the defence you may see Phil Neville at left back to give Bainsey a rest with Hibbo on the right with Buzz and Johhny in the middle

The one thing for certain is Sunderland will be going for it big time. They were out played in the quarter final big time and they will want revenge big time. With that in mind I would keep Felli away from the pitch and not even anywhere near the bench.

Moyesy did say when he rested players before the last derby that if he had his chance he would have rested plenty more. Well he has his chance against Sunderland.

Jogger's starting eleven: Tim, Hibbo, Johnny, Buzz, Nev, Seamus, Peanuts, Jack, Royston, Victor and Strac

What would your starting XI be?

David Moyes said: "This is a difficult time of the year. I will have a look and try to see what I can do. I have a few ideas up my sleeve."

Comments about Team News
Tim in goal, Jags RB, Hibbo LB, Jonny and Duffy CB, Coleman RW, Royston LW, Ossie and Jack CM, Peanut and Denis up front. Give Felli the day off.
Syd Barret, Space, 12:13 PM 9/04/2012
Sorry I missed big vic from my starting x11
Chris beech, Telford, 9:03 AM 9/04/2012
I agree with most of joggers team, Screech, Bainsey and Jelly need to be in the stands watching the game with us, losing one of them for the semi would put us right in the shit. I would give buzz a rest and play Jags he looks like he could be a bit sharper and getting another game under his belt could help him. I cant remember Everton having so many options you just could'nt imagine this in November / December, If avalible I would bring young Ross into the fold he could be a real ace up moyes's sleeve to come off the bench at Wembly if required. Hopefully Ossie can get a run out in the second half and be ready for the semi. So for me its. Howard,Hibbo,Johnny,Jags,Neville,Barkley,Peanuts,Jack,Royston,Victor and Stac.
Chris Beech, Telford, 7:30 AM 9/04/2012
Howard, Hibbert, Neville, Jags, Duffy, Rodwell, Peanuts, Coleman, Drenthe, Osman, Anichebe. Definitely no Mo, Gibson, Baines, Tim, Distin, Johnny or Jelli today. We will still avoid defeat and go into the semi refreshed and still above them.
Gareth, Gold Coast, 11:27 PM 8/04/2012
Hahnemann, Hibbert, Duffy, Jagielka, Coleman, McFadden, Pienaar, Rodwell, Drenthe, Anichebe, Stracqualursi. 99 and out for Bainsey?
slimtoffee, Halewood, 8:59 PM 8/04/2012
My XI would be: Tim, Hibbo, Jags, Duffy, Neville, drenthe, Barkley, Rodders, Nuts, Vellios, Stracq.
Wade, Runcorn, 8:48 PM 8/04/2012
Rest the fikin lot!Let them have the point they THINK they deserve already.....we have Smaller fish to fry this weekend lads.Oh Yes.
Big Tommy, Litherland, 6:51 PM 8/04/2012
Where has Vellios disappeared to?
Harry, Liverpool, 6:15 PM 8/04/2012
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