Saturday 24th March 2012 3:00 PM
Referee: Kneel Swarbrick
Attendance: 20.509
Goal Scorers: Baines(59m), Jelavic(76m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Osman, Neville, Gibson, Pienaar, Cahill (Fellaini), Jelavic (Stracqualursi)
Subs: Mucha, Fellaini, Gueye, McFadden, Anichebe, Stracqualursi, Heitinga
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Royston To Start
Royston To Start

What will Moyesy do against The Swans with the FA Cup relay against The Mackems looming on Tuesday night?

We all know what happened in the game prior to the FA Cup last time!Will Moyesy make 6 changes again? Surely not?

The game will come too early for Gibbo to make a starting place but he could be on the bench. Our Jack  and Seamus are definitely out.

Hopefully we will keep the same team for both games bar Peanuts who is cup-tied.

Sausage's XI to start: Tim, Hibbo, Johnny, Buzz, Bainesy, Rolls Roy, Captain Phil, Screech, Peanuts, Timmy and Jelly leaving Ossie on the bench.

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Darren, (Runcorn)..yes i watched the Spurs game.. i watch every Everton game and Ossie is not consistent over enough games to warrant my starting place.He lacks pace and is easily shoved off the ball.But football is about opinions... Peanuts is our most creative player and i would put him in middle with Fellaini & Cahill.We have enough wide players. Pity he's cuptied. COYB, can't wait for Tuesday.
Ken, Liverpool, 8:44 PM 24/03/2012
We should be able to goose the swans. However, I fear that Moyes will get a tactical lesson from Rodgers. A draw 1-1!
Mal, St.Helens, 10:36 AM 24/03/2012
Ossie offers very little? Did you watch the Spurs game, Ken?
Darren, Runcorn, 10:19 AM 24/03/2012
Ossie & Jag have been a bit slower coming back from injury so Sausage's team looks the right choice. Marcus, Gibbo, Ossie, Jag, Sraq, Barkley, Velios on the bench. COYB.
baz, warwick, 9:40 AM 24/03/2012
Cant believe what i'm reading here.....yes, Ossie stunk against Arsenal, the worst game i've seen him play!!! However, he is the only one, currently on our books, who is capable of stringing two or three passes together and move us up the pitch. Putting Neville into midfield just gives us a fifth defender and when he is in possession he offers only one outlet......a long ball to the one outlet, marked by two centre backs. I'm not having a go at Neville here as he has been outstanding for Everton but in midfield he is very limited unless we are going there to defend.
John , Netherton, 8:28 AM 24/03/2012
Moyes has to make 5 or 6 changes to the side or it will be like admitting he made a mistake against the shite and he'll never do that.No matter who plays one thing is for certain we will be played off the park.I wouldnt be surprised if we won the game but Swans will have all of the play while we struggle to put 3 passes together.Before someone sends in a message about me and others being negative before a balls kicked,i cant help it i've felt like this since the derby i cant get over it and now lost all faith in Moyes ability,judging by some of the players attitude i think they could feel the same.
Paul, Aigburth, 6:28 PM 23/03/2012
Leave Ossie on Bench.. he offers little to the team but Moyes sees it differently.
ken, liverpool, 5:16 PM 23/03/2012
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