The Arse
The Arse
Wednesday 21st March 2012 8:00 PM
Referee: Lee 'Perry' Mason
Attendance: 30,330
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Heitinga, Distin, Baines, Drenthe (Anichebe), Cahill (Stracqualursi), Osman (Gueye), Pienaar, Fellaini, Jelavic
Subs: Mucha, Jagielka, Neville, McFadden, Gueye(77m), Anichebe(77m), Stracqualursi(85m)
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"There're five which are onside, five decisions, I've checked.

"It's a goal.

"We've had a sore deal the last few games, we've had really poor decisions against us.

"But it was the assistant who got them wrong.

"You can say you can get one wrong, but it's really poor deal.

"It's cost us in the end, cost us trying to get something back after a disappointing start, I thought the players played really well after that [opening goal], I thought they gave it a right go."

"Apart from the first 20 minutes, I thought we played as good as Arsenal, we're really unlucky not to take something from this game."

"I thought Arsenal in the first 20 minutes 'my goodness, I can see how well they're doing', but we had to change, we've not started the last two games well."

Comments about Match Quotes
Arse-nal fan are you Tom ?, if so it is unbelievable how you can slag off David Moyes for telling the truth, he is honest week after week , when we get lucky he acknowledges that lucky roll of the dice, UNLIKE Mr. Whinger, the myopic wonderman. Now HE really should go to specsavers.
Alan , Hinckley, 8:57 PM 23/03/2012
Moysey got things wrong from start, erh no, Arsenal were just bloody brill. Moysey then changed formation and things changed for the better. Performance wise. we cannot account for the stupid blind linesman and weak ref. we all know that the top 4 get away with murder, and we all have to live with this. No one else matters. Except all of us who play bloody good money every year for the game to be fair and even. For the sake of every football fan can we please have the technology put in place before the game goes down the toilet. We deserved at least a point on Wednesday, and this could make a big difference to the club next year financially as well. Refs wake up, linesmen open your bloody eyes and get stuff right. Role on Swansea
jay, Mossley Hill, 5:49 PM 23/03/2012
Rhodris-dad,i cast your mind back to only last Tuesday when Moyes in the post-match interview had the gall to suggest we had played well against Liverpool.Usually his favourite when beaten 1-0 is to bang on about how few chances we allowed the opposition while failing to mention their keeper didnt have a save to make.If Moyes is so honest about how we've played how come i've ever heard him say "we play the worst football in the league."
Paul, Aigburth, 3:21 PM 23/03/2012
Tom, in this instance, he's spot on. If you were at the game the other night, it was obvious that this particular linesman had a bee in his bonnet over something, because you simply can't give so many bad decisions without having an ulterior motive. Moyesie agrees that we could have been dead and buried within the first twenty minutes, but we weren't, so we were still in with a shout. The officials against Sunderland robbed us of two clear cut penalties last Saturday and the tit running the line on Wednesday night did his utmost to ensure that we got nothing out of the game. I'm seriously considering not renewing my season ticket for next season, as I can see no point in supporting our lads against the opposition AND cheating officials. If there isn't a level playing field, what's the point?? Cuz that's what we've seen plent of this season. Rodwell sent off in the derby at Goddison for a harmless tackle right in front of the ref, albeit against a cheat who works wonders in theatrics. But overruled upon review. No apologies. The hierarchy at Everton might be happy to roll over and accept this shit but I'm not. So, blame is being placed where it should. There are no excuses here from DM. This is the way it is. and will be until technology is introduced to bring the cheats in to line. Officiate at a match and give the wrong decision once is a mistake, twice there's something odd going on, but five or six from the same official stinks to high heaven. Well and truly pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eddieparkend COYB
Eddieparkend, Real World, 1:15 PM 23/03/2012
Tom, where have you been for the last 10 yrs? Slate him for formations, tatics, bad signings or whatever all the 30,000 managers at the ground have an opinion of, but I have never heard him give a dishonest appraisal of a match! Unlike Wenger who suffers from temporary blindness whenever one of his players does something unacceptable!
rhodris-dad, Rhyl, 11:16 AM 23/03/2012
Bit harsh Tom. Can't think of a successful manager in this country who doesn't put pressure on officials to make decisions that suit them.
JonW, Madrid, 10:45 AM 23/03/2012
Tom it was a legitimate goal. And the rest of the officials were not much better all night. The game could of been much worse but for the professionalism of the players, brought about by the professionalism of the 2 managers
Lee, rainhill, 9:57 AM 23/03/2012
I agree with Tom, stop blaming everyone else Mr Moyes and take a look at yourself. Piss poor tactics(as usual) players playing out of position(as usual). No plan B. I suspect like myself a lot of people cant wait for this turgid season to end. Things have got to change from within.
COYBL25, WOOLTON, 9:29 AM 23/03/2012
Yes yes, it's always someone else's fault isn't it
Tom, London, 12:33 AM 23/03/2012
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