The Arse
The Arse
Wednesday 21st March 2012 8:00 PM
Referee: Lee 'Perry' Mason
Attendance: 30,330
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Heitinga, Distin, Baines, Drenthe (Anichebe), Cahill (Stracqualursi), Osman (Gueye), Pienaar, Fellaini, Jelavic
Subs: Mucha, Jagielka, Neville, Gueye(77m), McFadden, Stracqualursi(85m), Anichebe(77m)
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Comments about Andy's Rankin
Think Pienaar should have a higher rating, he looked our most threatening player in the second half.
Mark, Chester, 9:42 PM 23/03/2012
I wouldn't have given Osman 0. He's a disgrace after his 45 minutes against Spurs. Why Moyes keeps picking him is a mystery, no fight, nothing. No wonder Arsenal ran midfield for the first half. The sooner Gibo gets back the better.
Macca, Huyton, 10:10 AM 23/03/2012
1 for Osman that must mean 0 for Felliani who must be the most over rated player in the premier league, at fault for the goal, lazy, gives the ball away time after time. Drente runs a lot achieves little.
Blueboots, St Helens, 7:58 AM 23/03/2012
If all the effort we put in at work was trashed by an incorrect decision from higher up the food chain, we'ed feel 'WTF'. If it wasn't for a wrong off side call, Drenthe would be a hero, the team lifted and the old lady rocking as another 'big' team lost to the mighty blues. Some supporters need anti depressants and to support. If not go across and depress the shite.
D.W., Bristol, 5:07 PM 22/03/2012
What did Osman do to get 1 ? When he was out injured we played 9 won 5 drew 3 lost 1. Moyes has to keep playing players out of position to accommodate him.
Barry, Middleton, 2:54 PM 22/03/2012
Is it not a bit unfair to mark Stracq?? -he barely got a look in.
Chiz, decending the Stiperstones, 1:43 PM 22/03/2012
Cahill was my MOTM he was one of a few who seemed bothered.... Jonny was decent as was Distin and Baines, agree with Osman, he was awful, as was Fellaini's passing 70k an he cant pick out a blue shirt!! Pienaar and Drenthe was very average Disappointing night ruined by poor poor officials!!
Matt, Liverpool, 11:30 AM 22/03/2012
It was quite obvious at Goodison last night that the derby defeat has knocked the stuffing out of everyone at Everton, very quiet crowd all the team very lacklustre. Slight improvment in second half. The club needs a big lift a trip to Wembly should do it!! Howard 7 Hibbert 5 Heitinga 8 Distin 8 Baines 6 Drente 5 Osman 6 Fellini 5 Pinnaer 6 Cahill 7 Jelly 7. And those marks are very generous
JJ, Rainford, 7:19 AM 22/03/2012
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