Saturday 3rd March 2012 3:00 PM
Referee: Kevin's Friend
Goal Scorers: Drenthe(31m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Heitinga, Distin, Baines, Drenthe (Osman), Neville, Fellaini, Pienaar, Cahill (Jelavic), Stracqualursi (Coleman)
Subs: Mucha, Coleman(88m), Barkley, Osman(63m), Gueye, Jelavic(63m)
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Jack To Play?
Jack To Play?

I have never got the team right ever. And with the news of players on the way back from injury it will be even harder to predict. Our Jack and Ossie are back to full training and are both in the squad. Also back is Niki Jelavic who  played 45 minutes for Croatia in mid week.

I think Jelly is a must to start with Felli supporting him. The Count has done well but I think we should see what Niki is all about

With Gibbo missing I think Jack with be in the middle of the park with Phil Neville.

On the wings will be Royston and Peanuts

The back four will be Hibbo , Johnny, Sylvain and Bainsey.   

Moyesy said: "Jack Rodwell and Leon Osman are doing okay, I will have a look at them in today's training."

"We have few players I am hoping to look at. I am not quite sure if the players who are due back are ready yet, but we need them back quickly because of the punishing month we have got coming up. One or two might be a wee bit ahead of others.

"Steven Pienaar is one of the ones we need to check because he has been in South Africa this week."

Sausage's X1 to start: Tim, Hibbo, Johnny, Sylvain, Bainsey, Peanuts, Phil, Our Jack, Royston, Felli and Jelly.

Who would you pick? 

Comments about Team News
cmon jelavic and straq together
ifiani, urma, 11:18 AM 3/03/2012
i would start howard coleman johnny duffy baines dreanthe rodwell feallini pienaar jelvic straq i recon 4-0 everton
adam jones, liverpool, 10:20 AM 3/03/2012
Lol with Martin @ no. 9 I totally agree and it's also these people who keep saying to play Fellaini behind the front man. I just can't understand why. As a central midfielder he has been the stand out performer over the last 6 games playing that position and I don't think it's any coincidence why we're unbeaten in that time. He does so much to break up play and steady the ship in the middle that although he may be valuable up top also, he's not a patch on what he can do in the middle
Toffeeman, Leeds, 9:35 AM 3/03/2012
Come on Straq just lay into them lad, they are there...
Az, Wavo, 11:08 PM 2/03/2012
Wonder why you've never got the team right? So drop the lad in decent form with 3 in 5 for someone who's played half an hour in a month!!!! Logic eh???
Martin, Chester, 8:37 PM 2/03/2012
Correction to subs bench on my team post Barkley on bench !! I thought Cahill was Fit !!
baz, warwick , 8:36 PM 2/03/2012
Tim, Hibbo, Johnny, Sylvain, Bainsey, Peanuts, Drenthe, Fellaini, Neville, Straqualersi, Jelavic, ----- Subs. Mucha, Duffy, Rodwell, Osman, Cahill, Gueye, Vellios. Straq deserves to his place and Should be in, as he will make a lot of space for Jelavic. We have to go in all guns blazing as teams above us are there to be shot at. COYB.
baz, warwick, 8:30 PM 2/03/2012
Got to start with Dennis, give Jelly a good half hour
Syd Barret, Space, 7:44 PM 2/03/2012
Gotta stick with Count for this one - he has shown what he can give us as Moyes will only ever play 1 up front - Jelly needs a few more reserve games to get him up to speed, same for Jack & Ossie. Personally - Tim H, Hibbo, Johnny, Buzz, Bainsey, Royston, Felli, Peanut, Barkley, Count S - Subs - Jelly, Mucha, Duffy, Jack, Velli & Gueye.
Si Harwood, Bolton, 7:34 PM 2/03/2012
Tim, Phil, Johnny, Sylvain, Bainsey, Peanuts, Felli, Our Jack or ossie, Royston, Straq and Jelly in behind him. 4411 or 451 whatever you wanna call it. seamus will replace royston in 2nd half jack to replace ossie or the other way round. this saves phil to move into midfield if need be and hibbo would come on if that was the case. If were loosing Felli will be thrown up there and whoever is not performing will be dropped, likely jelly cos i think its going to be next year before we see him properly.
Lee, rainhil, 7:16 PM 2/03/2012
QPR have more to play for than Everton in the league and it won't be easy. We seem to raise our game when playing the top sides and QPR are certainly not in that category.They are on a poor run of form but so were Bolton when we lost to them. I predict a 1 - 1 draw.
Floody, Wirral, 11:44 PM 26/02/2012
Dearey me, run rings round the hoops. Are jokes that sparse! :-)
Chris S, Runcorn, 9:14 AM 24/02/2012
A short break may mean we have some more players back from injury. We should have enough to run rings around the hoops out, so it's Everton 2-1.
Mal, St.Helens, 10:56 AM 21/02/2012
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