Friday 27th January 2012 8:00 PM
Referee: Howard Knobhead Webb
Attendance: 25300
Goal Scorers: Stracqualursi(26m), Fellaini(72m)
Everton Team: Howard, Neville, Duffy, Heitinga, Baines, Donovan, Gibson, Fellaini, Gueye (Drenthe), Cahill, Stracqualursi (Anichebe)
Subs: Hahnemann, Hibbert, Drenthe(67m), Anichebe(84m), Baxter, Saha
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The FA Cup is the last chance this season to give the fans something to cheer about. Who will be the players given the responsibility to do this?

Still out injured are Jack, Ossie, Seamus, Ross, Sylvain and Jags. But on the positive side Tony Hibbert is back

I would put Tony straight back in as right back and let Duffers and Johnny continue in the middle with Bainsey on the left. This would mean Phil getting dropped  

On the flanks should be Landon and Royston with Felli and Darron in the middle. I know Royston can be erratic but he makes thing happen and we have got to win the game

Up front should be Big Vic with Tim supporting. I don't think I can cope with Victor going on the wing. It does me cake in.

Louis Saha has had his chance and its time for a change

I can't remember being as depressed coming out of a game for a long time as I did against Blackburn. The fans deserve and need a lift and it is only the players that can give us it.

Jogger's starting 11: Tim, Hibbo, Duffers, Johnny, Bainsey, Landon, Felli, Darron, Royston, Tim Cahill, Victor

What's your starting 11?

Everton from: Howard, Mucha, Neville, Hibbert, Duffy, Heitinga, Baines, Gibson, Cahill, Drenthe, Fellaini, Saha, Donovan, Anichebe, Stracqualursi, McFadden, Gueye, Vellios.

David Moyes said: "Sylvain and Jagielka are both progressing well but won't be available for this game.

"So far Shane has done really well in the games and it is terrific for the boy. He has got something and he has a chance. He will certainly make a really good career in the game and we hope it is at Everton.

"The level is going to step up shortly and the more you play, the more people expect from you. In your first couple of games as a youngster people do not expect too much.

"When you stay in the team then the supporters' and the manager's eye gets drawn to you. We want him to keep doing things simple and not over-complicate things, and if he keeps playing as well as he has done in the last two games then we will all be happy.

"The decision for me is that I will have Tony Hibbert fit and available, so do I put him in because of his experience, albeit not being a centre half? So we have got that in our mind as well because the games now are really important games.

"We have got to win in the cup to get through and we have games coming up that are against really top teams. We have to decide if Shane is the right one for the job."

"Ross played a game for the youth team last week but then the reserve game in midweek was called off.

"Hopefully there will be no reaction to the bit of fluid on the knee he had and we will bring him back as and when he is ready."

Comments about Team News
Anichebe and drenthe up front, gueye gibson fella donovan, baines duffy heits hibbert. Donovan and fella need to come off after 60 ish mins to rest for city on tuesday. COYB ETID
bluetoffeestu, seaside, 2:37 PM 27/01/2012
Well Said Eddie, time for everyone to roll the sleeves up....that includes the supporters!!!!
Richard Carton, Glasgow, 2:27 PM 27/01/2012
Going tonight and hope moyes does not play negative as always, at home for christ sake and he plays one up top, moaning about not having a striker, we will have two on the bench, straq and vellios cant score from there davey give them a chance!!!
Tom, Shropshire, 1:34 PM 27/01/2012
Not sure about big Vic and Timmy starting together don't think that's happened much and that may just make things worse in having two players that have hardly played together, I do completely agree that Hibbo should start and I certainly agree that big Vic can never, never, FAHOOKIN EVER play on the wing again, you might as well stick Tim Howard out there for the good it does. Saha is low on confidence and although he does seem to have square boots on at the minute I am still confident that the goals will come, he just needs his break. Back four, as is but Hibbo at right back. Midfield, if fit Rolls has to start, we miss pace down the flanks and he has butt loads of it, Fella and Gibson in the middle, with our ever intrepid all star on the right, Cahill behind Saha purely because they have played together loads and during ties like this that is something we need.
Chris, Co Durham, 1:27 PM 27/01/2012
please please dont start saha he threw the towel in months ago its like playin with ten men if he plays
mike , runcorn, 1:21 PM 27/01/2012
Howard Hibbert. Jonny. Duffy. Baines Fellaino Drenthe. Gueye Gibson Donovon Vic
mike , walton, 12:32 PM 27/01/2012
Just for your information regarding Gordon Lee, his last signing was Greame Sharpe. Those were not dark days compared to now, we are in serious times my friends, we could be dragged into the relegation battle as our next eight games I can only see six points Dire, Dire times. Moyes will be remembered now only for playing anti football, he is death warmed up...
Peter Bradshaw, Australia, 12:11 PM 27/01/2012
Regardless of team he puts out we have got to try and WIN the game. If we go out and aim to not lose, we will lose as we can't keep clean sheets. We have to be positive
Joe, Stafford, 11:51 AM 27/01/2012
All that we can do is give the lads 100% support. Especially if we are not playing well. The worst thing we can do, is start moaning and giving off negative Vibes this will only undermine team confidence and just make things worse. COYB. Eddie Northwich.
Eddie, Northwich, 12:17 AM 27/01/2012
Moyes has to decide if to drop Duffy for Hibbert.Yeah drop a natural centre half who was mom in the last game in favour of a small right back.Why does Moyes hate kids and love playing people out of position?
Paul, Aigburth, 11:10 PM 26/01/2012
Davey what's going on? Thinking of hibbo for centre half?well done young Duffy mom last 2 games but step aside I'm dropping you for a cultured right back!!!but keep your chin up son!!!!!!
Martin, Chester, 10:27 PM 26/01/2012
I have to smile when I read of my fellow Blues talking of the dark days of Peter Johnson - Jesus you need to go back to the days of Gordon Lee and the junk he signed - trouble was he did actually sign people ? These really are dark dark times. Nedum has gone to QPR - another missed opportunity I fear.Where are the Corinthians ? Labby Brian Harris Colin Harvey Jimmy Husband Alan Whittle Mick Lyons Joe Royle Tommy Wright Gary Stevens? Scool of Science - dont make me laugh - school of S**T - Ofsted would have a field day? Surely - surely we dont fear Fulham coming to Goodison ? BUT WE DO DON'T WE ?
Craig Findlater, Romsey, 10:07 PM 26/01/2012
Totally agree with every word said! Wish Moyes would listen! Saha is getting worse and this is transmitting to the team!..
tony, merseyside, 7:27 PM 26/01/2012
Agree with Letys. Dempsey will destroy us.....but I hope we win ugly!
Mal, St.Helens, 12:41 PM 26/01/2012
Can we put Saturday's woeful performance behind us and progress to the 5th Round? I've a terrible feeling that we'll get tw*tted on every inch of the park. Dark, dark days.
Letys , Across the Universe, 1:29 PM 23/01/2012
"Can we put Saturday's woeful performance behind us and progress to the 5th Round?" I doubt it. We've been shite all season and can't see any light at the end of this dark tunnel. I want less of our players mouthing in the press and more of them playing on the field. This feels like the dark days of Peter Johnson.
Mark, Bucks, 11:31 AM 23/01/2012
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