Saturday 21st January 2012 3:00 PM
Referee: Mark 'Admiral' Halsey
Goal Scorers: Cahill(24m)
Everton Team: Howard, Neville, Heitinga, Duffy, Baines, Donovan, Gibson (Stracqualursi), Fellaini, Anichebe (Vellios), Cahill, Saha (Drenthe)
Subs: Mucha, Hibbert, Drenthe(54m), Bilyaletdinov, Vellios(80m), Stracqualursi(87m)
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Last Chance?
Last Chance?

It seems like the same squad that turned up at Villa will be on duty for the game against Blackburn. None of the walking wounded will be available. So no Jack, Jags, Leon, Seamus, Sylvain and Ross

I think that David Moyes will start with the same side that began the game against Villa. That will mean that Louis and Tim will be given another chance to get on the score sheet.

Moyesy will resist the temptation to give Big Vic a start. He is taking it with a small step by step. But you would think that Louis Saha is on his last chance saloon.

Moyesy said:"Victor has been back for a few weeks and I could have started him last week, but I don't want him to reinjure himself.

"We had a couple of games quite quickly on the bounce and we are trying to manage it carefully so that we don't get any more players out - it is important we tread carefully at the moment."

Joggers XI to start: Tim, Captain Phil, Johnny, Duffers, Bainsey, Landon, Gibbo, Screech, Royston, Tim and King Louis.

What team would you pick?

Comments about Team News
I'm from liverpool. Lived in Aberdeen for 25years. I'm 52. Travelled a lot over the years To us . This season is no different other than the football. To be honest Davie Moyes really needs to think about What he says. Have a listen same stuff. I know we are a middle table team. We can beat any one on our day, but we don't. I will still travel home this weekend but I don't know what to expect, nor does Moyes. Could it be a time for a change. Come on you blues.
Peter Bauress, Aberdeen, 8:45 PM 22/01/2012
Saha has to go now, cos he has become an embarrassment !! He was Rubbish again today and he will be Rubbish again on Friday
BAZ, WARWICK, 9:13 PM 21/01/2012
Tim and Saha - floundering for 60 mins with nil point (bonjour) whilst Moyes goes manic and puts Vic on to win 3 points and we scratch our heads about team selection. We then have a post match debate about "resources" and "new faces" and "centre forwards who don't pull their weight". Yawn. Move over Mystic Meg, I've got this one covered.
Blue, Wales, 7:23 AM 21/01/2012
Everyone please get off Louies back. He has been posted solo all season and we have suffered for that. He is by far the classiest skriker we have had at the club for a long time, but I will admit he is badly out of touch along with Timmy. I just know if he gets a goal or two more will come, but I hope its not too late. Unfortunately big Vic is not the answer. Put him up front solo and all you would get is a bumbling embarassment.
paul, oz, 2:46 AM 21/01/2012
We have improved over the last few weeks, but our passing is simply awful. We can't make more than 3-4 successful passes and its beyond a joke. Just get the ball out to Bainsy see what he can do with it, because passing in centre of Midfield is shocking
Alex, Liverpool, 9:25 PM 20/01/2012
Remind me, wasn't it 'not that long ago' that we were praying that "King Louis" would remain injury free long enough to get a decent run in so he could begin slotting them in regularly. And now after his longest injury free run in a decade - during which he hasn't scored - we're keeping a proven scorer (two goal in what 25 mins pitch time?) on the bench for fear he might get injured. I'm all for the club showing loyalty to loya servants etc, but there are limits..
Oliver Cromwell Saha, Parliament, 7:08 PM 20/01/2012
on his current performaces louis would struggle to score in a pre-paid brothel!!
vince, caernarfon, 6:26 PM 20/01/2012
Louis onto the bench and Stelios to start. Louis has had enough chances. If he throws another hissy fit so be it. He just doesnt look like scoring at the mo and we need to try something / someone else.
COYBL25, WOOLTON, 4:28 PM 20/01/2012
I think we turned a couple of corners if you ask me as it seems we're going backwards! I think most of us will agree that King Louie needs to abdicate faster than a Nazi Royal! The sooner we can get our Vellios back the better!
Wallis Simpson, Liverpool, 4:24 PM 20/01/2012
Blackburn are certianly fighting their corner, and I expect this to be another tough game. Vellios is a must starter if fit, after his hat-trick mid-week and with Gibson slotting in nicely, I can see a 3-1 home win!
Mal, St.Helens, 11:04 AM 20/01/2012
Although last week's performance was an improvement on previous games I still feel there is a long way to go before we 'turn a corner'. The first 25 minutes of the second half we were heavily under pressure and could not retain possession and scored against the run of play. I do think that Gibson offered something in the midfield and was impressed with his tenacity as well as passing ability, didnt realise he had that in his locker. Think once he gets match fit and ettles in that he could turn out to be another Moyes' special.
Sam, Chester, 1:14 PM 19/01/2012
I honestly think we have turned a corner after last weeks peformance. I think we need to stick with the same line up but bring Vic in for King Louie and I'm sure we will pick up the points.
Shane, Wales, 10:13 AM 19/01/2012
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