Saturday 7th January 2012 3:00 PM
Referee: Richard Madeley (Judi's Bloke)
Attendance: 27,564
Goal Scorers: Heitinga(5m), Baines(78m)
Everton Team: Howard, Coleman (Baines), Heitinga, Distin, Neville, Donovan, Bilyaletdinov, Fellaini, Gueye, Anichebe (Stracqualursi), McFadden (Drenthe)
Subs: Hahnemann, Baines(56m), Drenthe(63m), McAleny, Stracqualursi(72m), Vellios
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Can the Toffees possibly beat these non-league part-timers and progress to the 4th Round?

Stand by for some massive changes to the starting line up as Everton's walking wounded limp into Goodison Park. It is a good job we did not draw a Premiership team in today's 3rd Round FA Cup tie against minnows Tamworth!

The injury list includes Jags, Our Jack, Ossie, Hibbo, Young Ross, Tim Cahill, Felli, Seamus and the mysterious injury to Rolls Royston.

Captain Phil could slot in at right back with Johnny filling Jags place alongside Buzz. That would leave Landon plus three others in the middle. We think Louie has had so many chances and not scored so give Big Vic his chance to lead the attack with Tolis or Denis.

Who knows? That's both the team and the outcome. Let's hope we breeze through to the 4th Round draw tomorrow at 5.30pm.

Sausage's X1 to start:
Tim, Captain Phil, Johnny, Buzz, Bainsey, Landon, Billy, Maggie, Faddy, Big Vic, Tolis.

Comments about Team News
cheers spud (number 3) same to you's mate and i hope its not to embarrassing for us
blue stu, croxteth liverpool, 1:05 PM 7/01/2012
Do any of you actually read the article before you comment? Barkley is injured as is drenthe.
max, dudley, 11:21 AM 7/01/2012
All well and good saying give Barkley a chance, but up there it says he's injured. I would like to see vellios and billy play and mcaleney come on at some point maybe
Bbluey, Liverpool, 10:45 AM 7/01/2012
Barkley is injured, he won't be playing! I'd quite like to see a few youngsters get a match but most of them are out on loan...Denis and Vic to start up front, I would have played Mustafi too but we've let him go which is a shame.
Jon, Leeds, 10:44 AM 7/01/2012
Agree wholeheartedly with Shane, surely Barkley will get his chance. Hopefully Drenthe, Gueye, and others get a chance too.
Aubrey, Virginia, 12:00 AM 7/01/2012
All the best tomorrow guys. I think you'll be fine against us, just hope it's a good game with a good crowd & not too embarrassing for us Lambs!
Spud, Tamworth, 10:23 PM 6/01/2012
Don't know Tamworths 2 middle of midfielders names but they will be better than Heitinga and Neville!!!!!!!
Martin , Chester, 7:49 PM 5/01/2012
We need to play a strong team as fa cup is all we,v got left to play for. Nev and saha have got to be dropped tho. Give Barkley his chance in the middle and Vic or vellios ago up top with Denis.
shane, wales, 5:05 PM 5/01/2012
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