Wednesday 4th January 2012 8:00 PM
Referee: Phil Dowd
Attendance: 29,561
Goal Scorers: Howard(63m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka (Rodwell), Distin, Baines, Donovan, Heitinga, Neville, Osman (Gueye), Saha, Stracqualursi
Subs: Mucha, Cahill(60m), Rodwell(42m), Gueye(53m), McFadden, Bilyaletdinov, Anichebe
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We are on a roll, four games unbeaten, won two and drawn two but we are not getting too excited as we know that the Toffeemen never let you down!

It is positive news going into the New Year, well more positive than the rest of the season so far. On a mini-run, Big Vic made a surprise return fron the bench on Sunday and won us the game and................... LANDON IS BACK! Yes, we could see our Yankee Doodle Dandy flying down the right wing and bearing in on goal tomorrow night - great news!

Our Jack is struggling again with a hamstring strain but other than that there were no other ill effects from the win at The Hawthorns. Felli and Seamus are still missing along with the mysterious Rolls Royston.

Against a struggling notloB and with our tails up the surely this a 3 points to the Blues?

Happy New Year lads!

Kipper's Starting X1: Tim, Hibbo, Jags, Buzz, Bainsey, Landon, Captain Phil, Johnny, Ossie, Timmy & King Louis.

Comments about Team News
Moyes, when we say 4-4-2 it doesn't mean with 6 defenders. WTF is going on? Oh, more empty seats.
Russ J, St End, 9:11 AM 6/01/2012
Your all as bad as Moyes those that have named the team have all put Johnny in midfield, he played in the last world cup final at CENTRE HALF
Si , Wigan, 5:10 PM 4/01/2012
Heitinga is the worst player I have seen in an Everton shirt for sometime. He clearly thinks he is better than he actually is. Come on moysey play one of the youngeters instead.
Mark Murphy, Huyton, 2:40 PM 4/01/2012
Felli is in the squad , no Seamus , Drenthe?
Andy, Tamworth , 10:00 PM 3/01/2012
Saha?! Oh come on. Agree 100% with James - Denis should play. Big, ugly sod will scare the bejeesus out of most Prem defenders and he looks up for it. Tim and Phil take a breather, Velios and Vic step up.
Dave W, Baku, 9:06 PM 3/01/2012
Paul, litherland, 8:33 PM 3/01/2012
Come off it Kipper, your censoring posts on other topics, how about sensoring your own team selection here, Neville??...behave lad
Dave Dexter, Aintree, 8:25 PM 3/01/2012
I'm with James from Macc on this, give Denis the Menace the start alongside Vic with Tim (needs a rest) and Saha (neeeds a kick up the ass) on the bench.
Andy, Warrington, 8:21 PM 3/01/2012
Deffo give Denis a go from the start with Saha too, I think the pair of them could create goals.
OB, Warrington, 6:19 PM 3/01/2012
I think Kipper is making life easy for himself by naming Moyes' squad rather than his own.
redundant, belthorn, 6:13 PM 3/01/2012
That is he best team we can put out because of are injuries, bar Jonny put Rodwell in.
Jeff, Merseyside, 5:38 PM 3/01/2012
Terrible starting 11 , however not a reflection on the writers opinion or what he wants but more likely what moyes will play. He finally did after 60mins against what the majority of us have bee crying out for all season , will he drop cahill deep and go 442 , doubt it . Laughable if donovan starts on the right . I would like to see with whats available. Howard hibbert jagielka distin baines anichebe rodwell heitinga drenthe osman Donovan
phil, prescot, 5:30 PM 3/01/2012
1st home game of the new year. Landon's back. So the crowd should be buzzing, and we're playing the worst team in the league. So for the love of God can we take the game to opposition for a change and have an exciting match. I hope Moyes drops his favs (Cahill, Neville, Saha) and play a PROPER 442 with Vic and Dennis up front and Drenthe or Gueye on one wing and Donovan on the other.
Stevo, Liverpool, 5:23 PM 3/01/2012
This is outrageous BK. Yourself's have commented on Moyes' negative set-up. Why have you opted for the same sh*te we have been subjected to, week in and week out...AGAINST BOLTON AT HOME! Try this:- Howard,Hibbo,Jags,Distin,Bainesy,Donavon,Heitinga,Osman,Billy,Anichebe,Denis. 4-4-2 buckle my shoe.
Jacko, London, 5:10 PM 3/01/2012
where is drenthe?
blue boy, cheshire, 5:01 PM 3/01/2012
Get Strac and Vic up front!! Both dyin to break into the first team and are both big and strong - ideal for playin against Bolton!
Murf, Abergele, 4:28 PM 3/01/2012
Are you joking? You must be Moyes in disguise!
Kev, Essex, 4:21 PM 3/01/2012
Come on Blue Kipper! Phil and Johnny in the middle at home to Bolton do me a favour!!!!!! Playing for a 0-0 are we????
Martin, Chester, 3:47 PM 3/01/2012
Great, Saha get in the team again, Denis is clearly hungry and wanting to play, Saha looks old, tired and no desire!
James, Macclesfield, 3:17 PM 3/01/2012
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