Wednesday 4th January 2012 8:00 PM
Referee: Phil Dowd
Attendance: 29,561
Goal Scorers: Howard(63m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka (Rodwell), Distin, Baines, Donovan, Heitinga, Neville, Osman (Gueye), Saha, Stracqualursi
Subs: Mucha, Cahill(60m), Rodwell(42m), Gueye(53m), McFadden, Bilyaletdinov, Anichebe
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I got home in a mad rush from work. Got a taxi (£8) to the Black Horse to meet our Kid and some of the lads for PMD's (pre match drinks). Had a good chat about all types of stuff, then it came to the time to leave for the match.  As we were leaving we promised ourselves we would come back for more PMD's (post match drinks).

When we got outside it was seriously pissing down. We very nearly went straight back in to the boozer. But some bright spark noted a taxi (£3), flagged it down and off to Goodison we went.

Unbelievably got into my Upper Bullens Road seat very wet and windswept. Noticed that Denis was playing and that Landon was on the pitch also.

There was not much to say about the first half. I can remember a penalty appeal when it looked like Landon was brought down.

Half Time Everton 0 Bolton 0

We went down to try and get a bevy. The que was as usual massive. I jokingly said to our Lard it would be quicker to get a drink if we went to the Black Horse. I could see it in his eyes what he was thinking.

The next thing I know is we're outside the ground getting in a taxi (£3) on the way to the Horse. Laughing like little kids we were sitting in front of the telly with a pint of Carling and a pint of San Miguel just as the second half of Man Utd / Newcastle game was starting.

We just began to thaw out when on the screen a "Goal Flash" appeared. Everton 1 Bolton 0. Goalscorer Howard. We got very confused and one thought was Bolton was winning 1-0 and Howard had scored an oggie.

Lard checked his phone and confirmed the Goal Flash was correct. More drinks please.

The joy didn't last long another flash told us that N'gog had equalised. Ten minutes later another flash 2-1 down. Then the final score confirmed we had been beaten 2-1.

It was only then had we knew we had made the correct decision to leave with 45 minutes left. We had been beaten by a team that was bottom of the league.

The rest of the crew kept their word and arrived 15 minutes later for PMD's. All the lads agreed that we were well beaten and we were shite.

The lads were really pissed off when they realised that we had done one at half time wishing they had done the same.     

We decided to have lots more to drink and watched the highlights of the game. Tim Howard did score and the lads were right. We were well beaten and we were shite.

We are now drunk and start to think about going to Flares. But thank God we came to our senses and even though we were last out of the Horse we get in a waiting taxi (£9) home.

Had some cheese on toast with a cuppa when I got in. Fell asleep on the floor. Woke up with some toast on my head. Got into bed at 3am. Alarm went off at 5am. Up for work.

Got beat by bottom of the league. Still love going to the game.

Everton 1 Bolton 2         

Comments about Match Report
I think the players who do not perform in matches such as this should refund the people who made the effort to watch and support them, especially those flying in from abroad or driving the length of the country for the blues. They were a disgrace at times and I know they can afford it. Most of them look as though they have no real idea what playing for this club is all about. Never mind the manager and board issues the players should be sweating blood for each other and the club.
Az, Wavo, 2:58 PM 8/01/2012
You don't get bad soldiers, just bad commanders, say no more.
Lol Mcnally, Wigan, 9:29 PM 6/01/2012
No leader, no hard man, no flare, no pace.no goalscorer.......no jags
billy sea, winsford, 7:00 PM 6/01/2012
Surely Moyes saw this situation coming?? It's no secret that we have very limited funds, so, that means every so often one of our best players has to be sold to balance the books...ie Rooney, Lescott. Not a problem, it's what 90% of clubs have to do one way or another. The trouble is we have spent the last few years trying to break the bank to keep our existing squad together, when we should have been looking to offload someone when they were at their peak. Arteta should've been sold a couple of years ago when his form first took a nose-dive. We could've got £15m for him, instead we paid him £5m a year in wages. Only a couple of years ago, Galatasaray offered £6m for Saha, and we rejected it. Stoke offered £8m for Cahill! We're now stuck with several over-the-hill players, on fat salaries, with little re-sale value. Moyes had a track record of turning £4m players into £20m players, but something in his attitude seems to have changed. He appears to be sulking. A consistent gentle turnover of players would've kept the squad fresh, average age low, and averted the looming crisis of having to completely overhaul the squad, without any money. Having said all the above, we do still have a squad that is capable of playing much better than we currently are...the current poor performances are down to bad tactics, no confidence and lack of motivation. Also...what the heck is Steve Round at the club for? I NEVER see him barking out instructions, motivating or showing any passion whatsoever. Get Irvine back as number 2!
Sam, Cheshire, 12:49 PM 6/01/2012
We need a top class midfielder to complement Fellaini,someone who can take the game by the scruff of the neck and influence the game.We don't have anyone at present who can do this.At the top of his game Arteta was the man but he has gone and Osman is not the answer.
Barry, Middleton, 12:02 PM 6/01/2012
It was bad. We are stagnant. Look at what Rodwell clearly was when he arrived on the scene and what he is now. Confused, stifled, a shadow. These players need new impetus and input. I doubt David Moyes can supply that. Yes, we missed Fellaini, but the sheltering of Barkley is beginning to completely baffle this blue. McAlney looks like a better player than any of the first choice strikers (sic). It's hard to feel positive. None of us like moaning but after that...
Bleunez, France, 11:54 AM 6/01/2012
The passion is being sucked out of me by these pathetic performances.
Tommy, Liverpool, 11:43 AM 6/01/2012
Saha is out of contract at the end of the season so don't think anyone will buy him but he shouldn't be on the pitch and I bet Moyes will offer him a new contract probably 4 years......... He needs to be released at the end of the season!
James, Walton, 10:42 AM 6/01/2012
The Everton players weren't great. The conditions weren't great, but there appears to be something wrong in the background at Everton. Cahill hasn't been himself since his foot injury last season. He has been anonymous in most of the games, and is on the bench more often than not. I agree that Saha has had his chances and I would get rid. I would go for Rhodes, but Moyes has to know that he HAS to play him, instead of this nurturing crap! Heitinga is becoming a liabilty. He gets out of position and doesn't read game very well especially in defence! It says it all when attendances are dropping, no matter if Moyes plays his only 4-4-2 of the season! In essence 80% are ageing players, and we need to rebuild. It looks like we will survive this season (thanks to other shit teams), but summer will be a pivotal moment for Everton. New owners (of the right sort), and new players, if Everton are going to compete in the Premier league!
Mal, St.Helens, 10:19 AM 6/01/2012
OK, read a lot about the game. And I will try to be as positive as I can be (even if we played with 6 defenders again...). 1st half. Well, reasonably decent. Not set the world alight, but Landon, Ossie, Bainesy and Big Den tried. Maybe not worked sock-off but tried to put the ball where it matters. Big Den was a bit rusty, but it was his 1st start so I can't blame lad for that. 2nd half. Ugh... really tough to say something good about it. Even Howie goal was a freak goal. Good on Tim that he scored - Hibbo go up front, you can't be outscored by GK lad, I'm sure that you are better striker than Saha ATM. After we scored, it was pathetic in the extreme. Team was out of steam 2 minutes after THAT goal. Just like some invisible light in players heads blinked with message: "OK we scored, won the game and we can rest now". Bolton were total shite and yet they managed to put 2 passes together to score twice. To sum up. A lot of people raised this issue before me. Playing 4-4-2 with 6 defenders is as offensive as playing 6-4-0. No vision and creativity at all. Saha is not fit to wear the shirt for at least past 12 months, yet still he is on the pitch. If nobody want to buy him in Jan, then push him out of the club (if you need any help with pushing, just call). His attitude stinks. Have a go, don't defend for 90 minutes. Give young guns at least 30 minutes in the 2nd half to rock the boat a bit. Play 3 defenders not 6-7 against team(s) that never cross half-way line (West Brom and notloB just the last 2 examples). I really expect mauling at WHL - after that kind of 2nd half (below any level) performance vs notloB and many more injuries. Hell we will struggle against Tamworth, because those lads will be up for it. It is like World Cup final game for them after all. I hear many times: lets forget about this defeat and move on. And I say: it is bloody impossible to forget about 2nd season on the trot of utter ineptitude...
Michal, Poland, 9:32 AM 6/01/2012
I hope the 4-4-2 naysayers are aware that last night's tactic of unintelligent hoofball into swirling winds isn't a good depiction of what it is to play a 4-4-2 system. For starters, we usually play 4-4-2 already; Cahill plays ahead of Saha half the time in order to win the headers. Admittedly, with Straquy up there instead, Saha seemed to come short for the ball more often (although he does that usually anyway; it's his natural game). The one positive that I remember from the game is that the front pair linked up reasonably well in the first half on a couple of occasions; Denis nodding the ball down for Louis, who would subsequently forgot how to kill the ball with his first touch before getting closed down due to dwelling on it. That's not the Louis we once knew, of course, but it is the one we've endured for too long now. The second half service to the front men meant that such link-up play was never on the cards. I think once he's back into the swing with a bit of extra training it should be Donovan playing that Saha role behind Denis (or Vic?) and then the tactic might work and we'd be able to string some passes together in threatening positions between the opposition defence & midfield.
Ian P, Chorlton, Manchester, 1:41 AM 6/01/2012
We will be safe this season and thats all we can hope for because we are a very poor side now. Every transfer window we let players go and buy no-one and its now showing. There are 4-5 players over the hill in that team and we are skint. I can see Moyes walking at the end of the season, but who will do a better job with nothing.
Alan B, Liverpool, 11:34 PM 5/01/2012
That's possibly the best match report I've ever read. Top stuff!
Gerry Ryan, Huntingdon, 11:31 PM 5/01/2012
Says something when the post match review is better entertainment than the match. Underdogs against Tamworth???
Redundant, Belthorn, 11:04 PM 5/01/2012
We need to SELL Saha in this months window. Last night he showed no interest what so ever. Watching him against West Brom he just leisurely jogs/walks around the pitch at one point at the wba game on Sunday we were attacking and he was at left back not trying to get up with play at all. For example when you look at Van Persie ok there is a massive leap between striking standards between the two but Van Persie tries to win the ball back off his opponents Saha just lets them waltz past him with the ball. Ok we have Anichebe if we want to put him up front but he is prone to injuries and probably wouldn't find the net that often but we need someone other than louis Saha. WE NEED TO BUY A STRIKER THIS MONTH also Phil Neville yes he has been a good captain but he doesn't take a player role anymore more like a commanding role. He does not challenge for the ball at all just back off. Overall Saha must go and we need to buy a striker.
EfcAl, Prescot, 9:09 PM 5/01/2012
I think the game changed when jags went off injured, no leadership at the back an suffered coz of this. then osman the only player who looked like gettin in behind them to create a chance. The thing that pissed me off most was the lack of work rate in the second half,when we go a goal up especially at home,they ( the players) should sweat blood for the royal blue jersey, an they didnt. maybe it was a bit to cold an wet 4 some of them.roll your fuckin socks, an start havin a go. NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM!
Brucey, Litherland, 6:00 PM 5/01/2012
Moyes has 2 major issues with himself. He just can't actually give youth a real chance, and he doesn't have a clue how to set up an attacking team . He went 4:4:2 and that's his solution , he clearly has no idea that puting 7 defenders into the team doesn't actually create an attacking mined side. Why oh why Heitinga and Neville in the key CM position, at least put a flair player in there, Barkley, Osman even bloody Bily !!!
Mike Oates, South Coast, 4:57 PM 5/01/2012
Playing Neville & Jonny in midfield is about as boring as it can get backwards or sideways no creative football, Dennis upfront trys but hard work is not enough for everton football club and saha is lazy and out of form, either is simply is not good enough, we need 3 or 4 players on loan as we are skint speak to spurs take Kranjcar, Pavlynchenko & Pienaar and give them first option on rodwell because he'll be going in the summer. the attendance is dropping and the fans wont turn up to watch any more of that Sh**e week in week out !
stanny, widnes, 3:00 PM 5/01/2012
And we will blame everyone apart from DM for this garbage ! Clueless ! Too many questions to even bother.
Ivor, Lower Gwladys, 2:14 PM 5/01/2012
All in all a bad night for the blues. Mr Moyes, please give me a go at selecting the team. Credit to you for going 4 4 2, but really Nev and Johnny in centre mid not the most creative twosome it our squad.
toffeeman, LLANDEGFAN, 1:18 PM 5/01/2012
All those people demanding 4 4 2 will hopefully now put an end to it after last night. It is not a formation that suits us with the players we have. Moyes is a far better manager than any supporter so lets get behind the team and let him do his job.
Paul, Hants, 1:08 PM 5/01/2012
After this display we can't hide the fact we need signings and fast. Was good to see 4_4_2 but Saha shouldn't be retaining his place and Nev and Johnny in the middle isn't working should of gave Barkley his chance in the middle.
Shane, Wales, 10:42 AM 5/01/2012
I've been watching Everton for 20 years and in all that time I don't think I've ever seen football as dire and shite as I have this season. Our build up play is painfully slow, there's no vision and hasn't been since Peanuts left. And your telling me that Barkley, Billy, Cahill, Rodwell, Mcfadden are worse than Neville in the middle, he can't pass 5 yards. God help us against Spurs!
Stevo, Merseyside, 10:15 PM 4/01/2012
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