Sunday 4th December 2011 3:00 PM
Referee: Lee Perry Mason (Guilty As Charged)
Attendance: 33,291
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert (Gueye), Jagielka, Heitinga, Baines, Coleman, Fellaini, Osman, Bilyaletdinov (Rodwell), Cahill, Vellios (Stracqualursi)
Subs: Mucha, Distin, Neville, Barkley, Rodwell(63m), Gueye(83m), Stracqualursi(76m)
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RE: moyes out... who in?? O'neill went to Sunderland because there is money there. We have none, or any on the way. Moyes in, lets just try and win games for a change.. Blues..excuses are no use to anyone, shake yourselves up and have a fucking go
Mike, Lpool, 2:55 PM 10/12/2011
Time to tell Tim Cahill his time is up as a 90 min player, bench him and use him as an impact player . Time to tell Ossie his time is up as a 90 min player, bench him . Time to tell ... Hibbert , when do I stop. Try 4:4:2 with two from Saha, Vellios, Strac up front, Drenthe, Coleman wide and Fellaini and Rodwell in the middle, with Barkley as cover . The days of 4:5:1 should be buried.
Mike Oates, South Coast, 3:17 PM 5/12/2011
Worst match of the season!! Agree Stoke parked the bus but we spent 70 minutes thumping it in the box to no avail. Give Barkley, Gueye, Rodwell a start. Cahill hate to say it but lacking something the last 12 months. When the ball is on the deck we look good, so predictable thumping crosses down the left. Did we take a shot today? Billy experiment needs to end, doesn't track back, hangs his head when he makes a mistake (often!). We should have started December on a high........ Need to sweep the rest of the month!! COYB! Tamworth then straight to Wembley.
VirginiaBlue, Virginia, USA, 10:18 PM 4/12/2011
Moyes out
Paul, Walton, 9:28 PM 4/12/2011
No excuses allowed, a piss poor ref; whom we know well, couped with the worst ale house laboured, lacklustre performance at home for along time. We all know Stoke,so they came and done whay they wanted to do and we had no idea how to break them down. Poor old Bainesey and Felli - but its the classic labour on in vain. I hate to say but if something happens and we lose the best left back in the country we have no real threat ? We do need some divine help and this will be the story of the season, and survival of the fittest but -may be x3 piss poor teams propping up the bottom ,lets hope we can tread water to saftey. SFA else to say...
El Cid, Offshore, 8:40 PM 4/12/2011
Every time we play Stoke it's the same. Boring, full of time wasting, no quality. We don't have any invention we are so predictable. I thought the Wolves game was poor but this was horrendous. There doesn't seem to be any plan B. Why don't we shoot. We've seen the best of Tim and our midfield haven't got a goal in them. Teams know to let us have the ball cause we won't hurt them. POOR
Mike, Bebington, 8:38 PM 4/12/2011
As soon as they scored they parked the bus in front of goal and it was basically attack vs defence, most teams would've struggled to break them down. I don't know why Cahill gets 90 mins of football, he's almost a burden in the team, Billy was doing ok 1st half then went missing 2nd half. ags and Johhny were impressive some of Heitinga's passing was sensational. Why doesn't Gueye get more playing time, he was one of our best players in pre season and always looks good when given proper playing time?
Stevo, Merseyside, 7:55 PM 4/12/2011
One word will sum the the report SHIT every single player should be dropped, did not look like scoring at all we are awful worst I have ever witnessed.
Mick, Kirkby, 4:59 PM 4/12/2011
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