Sunday 23rd October 2011 1:30 PM
Referee: Lee Prostrate
Attendance: 25,646
Goal Scorers: Drenthe(3m), Saha(90m), Rodwell(93m)
Everton Team: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Drenthe, Rodwell, Neville (Coleman), Osman (Cahill), Fellaini, Vellios (Saha)
Subs: Mucha, Coleman(73m), Cahill(73m), Bilyaletdinov, Saha(48m), Stracqualursi, Heitinga
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We Need Goals
We Need Goals

It is always difficult to predict an Everton team, but David Moyes looks like he is going to make changes. This is a game we need to win to get our season back on track. To win a game you need to score goals and strikers are the ones who usually score them. With that in mind I think Moyesy will go for it and play two strikers up front. Other than Big Vic, Moyesy has everyone to pick from

A definite starter for me is Apostolos Velios who deserves his chance and I would put Louis Saha will start alongside him, who always seems to do well against his old club

Also Royston Drenthe has a great chance to start to supply the lads up there. These changes will mean the likes of Tim Cahill and Seamus may have to sit on the bench.

David Moyes said:"We'd like to win the game as we're in a difficult run of fixtures. We've not had the best record at Fulham, but I kept getting reminded how good my record was against City and Chelsea, so things can change.

"We might look to alter the team, but we've been quite consistent in our team selection in recent weeks. We haven't had many changes."

Kipper's starting XI: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Drenthe, Osman, Fellaini, Rodwell, Velios, Saha.

Comments about Team News
A Lot said about Ossie today that is unwarranted. If Ossie had an extra yard of pace he would be a regular in the England team as his skill levels at times can be fantastic. I feel that he hasn't had the best of starts to this season, but he has been a great servant of the Everton cause, so he deserves a bit more respect. Good win today in the end and a well deserved 3 points. Push on Blues.
Baz, Warwick, 9:36 PM 23/10/2011
When Catterick and Kendal brought success in reasonably short time it was all on a level playing field. They didn't have to contend with the money boys. In fact in Catterick's case we were the money boys.
Chris, Birkenhead, 4:29 PM 23/10/2011
Unbelievable he brings Velios and Drenthe in but Drops Saha and Coleman. Obviously Neville and Osman start. Still 4 5 1 but with slightly different personnel. Draw at best. Smith was slaughtered with such negative formations yet Moyes remains above criticism. As for Peters remarks(7) Catterick had won the title and FA ccup within four years and the Howard out brigade were eating there words within six months! Moyes has been at the helm ten years in March and no sign of a trophy, nor will there ever be.
Gareth, Australia, 1:03 PM 23/10/2011
As a previous commenter posted it's quite easy to predict Moyeses team-selections. Unfortunately. But you can't argue with his results the last seasons though... I would be surprised if the team didn't look like this: GK- Howard Def - Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines DM - Fellaini, Rodwell AM - Coleman, Cahill, Osman Fw - Saha I would like to see Drenthe start on the left with Osman on the right and Coleman dropped. He hasn't been so good lately. I would also be happy if either Vellios and Barkley got a start, but I doubt it... Anyway, go and get those three points lads! COYB!
Johan, Sweden, 11:44 AM 23/10/2011
I don't agree it is difficult to predict team selection under David Moyes. Quite the opposite - it is very easy! I can assure you we will have at least 4 defenders, 1 or 2 DM in Nev and Afro Felli, Ossie, Tiny Tim, maybe Coleman, and vastly under performing Saha-ha-ha up front. Already depressed with this. But if team will be different in any major form then it will be success in itself. Anyway. Hopefully All Blacks will smash the French in the RWC Final so there will be at least something to cheer. Maybe Everton should perform Haka before game start? To find some fighting spirit... because so far we are like French military in WW2. Surrender before the kick-off.
Michal, Poland, 6:34 AM 23/10/2011
wats everyone got against osman? he is one of are most creative players, always give 110%, goes in for every challenge, and cares more for are club than the likes of fellaini. who since arteta has left he looks like he carnt be arsed! and osman has always got a goal in him. any season ticket holder who watches week in week out would surely agree that osman is one of are better players, and has to start tomorrow!!!
nick, merseyside, 9:11 PM 22/10/2011
Just a couple of random thoughts on a Saturday evening. Dalglish just substituted a defender for an attacker when needing a goal. I wonder if he'll get slaughtered this week. And, if we had sacked Harry Catterick when he was being heavily criticised in early 1966, or Howard Kendall when some people were trying to raise a petition against him in late 1983, I would have missed the two great Everton teams I have witnessed.
Peter Mills, Crosby, 8:31 PM 22/10/2011
i hope to god moyes drops his favourites give velios barklay and drenthe a start and for gods sake be positive
phil d, liverpool, 7:40 PM 22/10/2011
"We might look to alter the team, but we've been quite consistent in our team selection in recent weeks. We haven't had many changes." in the last 3 years i would say.. 2 upfront or i predict a relegation scrap! we are being found out week after week with a 4-5-1.. it was great y it lasted but now i think its time for a change!
mike, st helens, 6:24 PM 22/10/2011
If there is a god please tell Moyes to drop Osman.
Tom, Waterloo, 6:22 PM 22/10/2011
Lets hope you are right, but there is no way I would drop Coleman for an under performing Osman. Play two wingers and the two lads up front and who knows? We would still have plenty of options if it is not going well and frankly it may do Cahill and Osman good to sit this one out as they have been poor this season.
Gareth, Australia, 5:09 PM 22/10/2011
i would drop hibbert for neville or coleman and replace osman for cahill or coleman, while osman plays well sometimes to me he's far too easily knocked off the ball.
scouser, liverpool, 4:13 PM 22/10/2011
You're living in cloud cuckoo land if you think Moyes is actually going to drop his beloved Cahill, no matter how poor he has been for the last 12 months. He proved that last year when Saha went on his year-long goal drought, he still kept starting him in every game. I expect exactly the same starting 11 as the last 2 games
Mike, Widnes, 4:06 PM 22/10/2011
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