Philadelphia Union
Philadelphia Union
Wednesday 20th July 2011 7:30 PM
Referee: Was in red
Attendance: 18,582
Everton Team: Mucha, Neville, Jagielka, Heitinga, Baines, Coleman, Arteta (Rodwell), Bilyaletdinov (Barkley), Gueye (Distin), Cahill (McAleny), Beckford (Vellios)
Subs: Distin(46m), Barkley(64m), Rodwell(46m), Vellios(46m), McAleny(78m)
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Everton lost 1-0 to Philadelphia Union after Hernandez scored in the last few minutes.

In very hot conditions, Everton played well in patches, but had Johnny Heitinga sent off with seconds to go after a second yellow card.

Match report to follow......

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Don't give it the pre-season crap! These players are paid extortionate amounts of money to play football, I assume they would keep themselves in shape for a few months over summer. The Union are an average MLS team, infact they only joined MLS 2 years ago and they played a lot of 2nd string players against us. If we cannot put them away how in hell do we expect to put Spurs away first game of the season. Disgusting result, pre-season or not.
Dave, Walton, 5:04 PM 21/07/2011
Heitinga? Sent off?? NO!!!
Doug, Edge Hill Liverpool, 1:58 PM 21/07/2011
My reception was great. If you took your head out of your bum you might see a different colour to brown.
Smug punter, West Derby, 1:14 PM 21/07/2011
Win or lose pre season, we never get going until Christmas, ie too late. I'd have em running up and down sand dunes for the entire pre-season, and only chuck them a ball about 5 seconds before kick off against Spurs (along with a bottle of hot chilli sauce to rub on their bollox).
Holdo, Sussex, 12:35 PM 21/07/2011
A little over reaction me thinks ,,,,,,,,
Russ J, St End, 12:04 PM 21/07/2011
If you want to believe all the media bollocks and Everton Rumours website thats your problem. If you listen to any official comments from the club and manager you will have a bit more faith. If you think the clubs so stupid don't watch them and dream of us selling our soul to a company in Thailand. I for one am proud of our club COYB!
Andy, Wallasey, 11:53 AM 21/07/2011
I heard it was a straight red?
Need,, 11:08 AM 21/07/2011
Did you stay up to watch the Phily Union game? I did and paid my £4.99 to Everton TV. Absolute incompentent bastards. Never got to watch the game as I was too busy looking at brown and green patches (if I was lucky), or listening to a very bad Norman Collier impersonation. I'm starting to wake up and smell the complete shit thats going on there. If I'd won the silly money on the Euromillions, the last club I'd invest in is Everton. It's you, you ageing bastard on the board, take your dicks out of your nannies arses and put some money into this fucking stupid failing club.
Fine, Everton, 9:35 AM 21/07/2011
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