Hibbert Starts For Everton Tonight
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Credit to Tony Hibbert who played for the Under 21's in the 3-2 win at Blackburn. The experienced full back is back to full fitness, but has seen Seamus Coleman keeping his place in the first team.

So Hibbo is ready to play for the Under 21's tonight in order to be match fit and ready for the first team when required.

Alan Stubbs and David Unsworth will be hoping that playing at Goodison in front of a sizable crowd will help them beat Man Utd.

Hibbo said: "It was my first 90 minutes for a while and I needed it. It was a good game to play in.

"Possibly I need to play more Under-21 games. I need a lot more hard training sessions as well to get my breathing and fitness up there. It's up to the manager if he wants me to play in any more reserve games. It's good to get out there and play.

"It's been a very good start. The manager's come in and stamped his way that he wants to play. The lads have taken to that, we're playing some really good football and the record we had up to the City game was brilliant.

"The Under-21s did really well against Blackburn. Obviously we've got some good young lads. The team that Stubbsy and Unsy have here is really good and it was a pleasure to play with them."

Everton Under-21s: Springthorpe, McLaughlin, Hibbert, Browning (c), Touray, Lundstram, Williams, Kennedy, Grant, Long, Hope.

Bench: Griffiths, Green, C.Duffus, T.Duffus, Shannon.

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