Everton Recall Lundstrom
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John Lundstram has been recalled from his loan spell at Yeovil Town.

The 20-year-old midfielder made 16 starts scoring twice, but has not played many games recently.

Shane Duffy will continue his loan deal at Yeovil, but Lunny will join Matthew Kennedy and Matthew Pennington who have since been involved with the Blues' U21s side.

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Comments about Everton Recall Lundstrom
JL has got more bottle than most of the cup selection. He knows how to fight for the cause. Play him.
Ivor, G St, 1:26 PM 12/03/2014
I saw Jon play for the young england team just before we bought him and he was terrific. Get him on the bench and in the unlikely event of us getting into a decent lead (!) blood him for 15-30 mins
bruiserray, donny, 1:15 PM 12/03/2014
I'd like to see these kids tried out,if possible against lesser teams,Not all together like the disastrous Leeds debacle,but one or two at a time,for the last knockings of the season.If they have what it takes promote them to full squad,if not wish them the very best and let them start their promising careers away from Finch Farm. Quite a few of our old boys are doing great in the lower leagues. Perhaps they should have got a break with us rather than being praised for a while before being released.
Win, Stafford, 5:24 AM 11/03/2014
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