The Best Everton Team Ever
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"The best team of the lot was 1969-70 and it's no wonder we were champions. That was the best Everton side ever, and it's never been bettered to this day."

Everton keeper Gordon West from 1961 to 1973.

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Comments about The Best Everton Team Ever
Call it a draw and think ourselves lucky. Whenever we've been the top club we've been so with heaps of style and memorable fantastic football. There's a 'club' not that far away who have only ever achieved through roboticness and fear from the opposition. Oh, and an inordinately disgusting amount of luck. The latter (Satan having finally, seemingly abandoned them) having run out-thank God. Up the Toffees-ALWAYS a class above!
Paul Newton, Bootle, 11:45 AM 10/10/2012
Having seen both the 69-70 team and the 84-87 squads, all I can say is we were blessed with two of the best ever club squads the UK has ever seen. The 'Holy Trinity' were unbelievable in their skill, craft and work-rate, and were it not for you-know-what and us being denied the chance to play in the European Cup campaign, I'm convinced we would have won that trophy and HK would never have left and we would have built a dynasty. COYB !!!
Andy, Khartoum, 10:48 AM 18/06/2012
Hedgin the side of head over heart , its unfair to compare as the game andlife evolves. Both are legends and unique and for us, its the consumate knowledge, EFC, is a life sentence and I am happy.Whats Our Name?
El Cid, Offshore, 10:17 PM 16/06/2012
The best of anything is very subjective and each individual will hold testimony to that,and have his / her memories.Each era brings a different set of circumstances,we were the Mersey Millionaires in 1963 and that,along with the 1969-70 team,was my arl fellas generation team.I was always led to believe we'd never see the likes again,then came my generation team of 1985,and the argument will always remain as to which was the best.I was 2 when we won the championship in 69/70 so I grew up listening to tales of the great Kendall,Harvey,Ball,Labone,West,Royle et al So I think we should respect Westy's opinion as it is very much valid,as he played for the mighty blues.A generation on from that,I personally believe we won't see the likes of the 1985 team,'my' team,but for the future generations we have to have the belief that one day those 63/70/85 sides will be matched or even bettered,and one day once again,our kids will be telling tales of 'their' team like we did in 63 or 70 or 85....keep the faith,we are Evertonians and we are Evertonians for ever ! COYB Good night,God bless Westy & thank you for representing Everton FC in such magnificiant style.
Gary Mc, Wallasey, 6:20 PM 16/06/2012
I'm just too young to remember the 69/70 team but my dad spent many hours telling me how fantastic they were. From what I witnessed in the 80's and from what my dad told me, I would only add 3 from 84/5 to that side, Southall, Sheedy and Sharp ! I'd go 4-4-2 with Royle and Sharpy up front, Sheedy along side the "Holy Trinity" and big Nev in goal !I'm sure there will be lots of blues who will disagree but "my team" would take some beating !
Gazzaroo, Woolton, 3:26 PM 16/06/2012
As an eight year old with me dad in the Park End Stand I recall the atmosphere of 58,000 chanting "Champions!" after beating West Brom 2-0. Those jerseys never looked so Royal as they did that night.
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 12:40 PM 16/06/2012
Harvey, Kendall, Ball, it's hard to put up an argument!
Paddy, L2, 11:03 AM 16/06/2012
A distant memory to a young chap like me, but Iv often considered this compared to the class of 85, and its a hard call. Sometimes I think nostalgia can cloud facts, but when I remember my old fella, god bless him, and me dancing on Goodison road, Than the mainly dark days of the 70s, and finally me and my first 2 born dancing at Carrow Road I do concide, by a small margin, that team has never been bettered. God bless Westy. St Peter is building quite a squad over the last few years.
Darlo Darrel, Darlington, 10:16 AM 16/06/2012
That's a tough one to call. How do you compare our finest ever midfield trio of Kendall, Ball & Harvey against our best ever foursome of Steven, Reid, Bracewell and Sheedy? Labone ahead of Mountfield yes, West ahead of Southall no, Royle and Sharp about a dead heat. Two wonderful teams. Will we ever see their like agan?
Derek, Neston, 8:54 AM 16/06/2012
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