Big Money Signings Someone Is Telling Fibs
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When I signed I was told I was going to be the first of many big money signings. Someone was telling fibs."

John Collins, 1999. who abandoned a life of luxury in Monaco for Merseyside.

Taken From 'The Little Book Of EVERTON' edited by Becky Tallentine

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Comments about Big Money Signings Someone Is Telling Fibs
Made Ray Wilkins look like Hussain Bolt. Collins arrived with a drum roll and left playing the triangle. The man who came on to the pitch playing the bag pipes pre-Villa kick off burned off more calories than Collins ever did at Everton. He always gave me the impression his thoughts were elsewhere, mainly the high rollers room at his favourite Casino in Monaco.
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 9:28 AM 31/07/2012
Nice one John, you got told you were the first of many big money signings and we got told you were a top class player. ""Someone was telling fibs"" ................... Now you are spot on there.
Dave Charles, Liverpool, 9:35 AM 25/04/2012
I remember him missing a penalty for us V Villa in his first game. A legend in his own lunchbox.
Andrew, Australia, 5:04 AM 25/04/2012
Fuck me what a shite player. He may have been able to do more push ups that Brian Jacks but that number was easily exceeded by the number of passes he gave away in midfield. Took some Jock mates of mine to us vs Spurs in about '98, my mate Johnny was saying how great a player he was. After about an hour, Johnny was calling him a useless cunt, Ferdinand scored and we went on to lose 1-0. Shit signing by a shit manager.
Linny, Colorado, 1:22 AM 25/04/2012
When he came we were told he was a big name. Bullshit is a 2 way thing Mr Collins
Gary, Bangor North Wales, 6:42 PM 23/04/2012
The only thing I remember him doing for us was a great free kick at Highbury. Good player in Scotland and should have stayed there.
Alan, Hinckley, 9:15 PM 22/04/2012
This quote always tickles me. What a prima donna this guy was. Thought he was a nob before he even signed for us.
Mr Burns, Springfield, 9:04 PM 22/04/2012
That Peter Johnson has a lot to answer for, the twat.
Macca, Huyton, 8:20 PM 22/04/2012
Ah so that's why he was shite for us
Mick, L23, 7:58 PM 22/04/2012
Shame we signed Joan Collins John was a decent player we didn't see enough of Joan turned up most games lol
Wyn, Wigan, 4:24 PM 22/04/2012
Is this the reason he was so average for us?!!!
Dave, Wirral, 9:26 AM 22/04/2012
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