Kevin Sheedy On The 5-0 Win Over Man Utd 1984
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"I got a cut on my head and had to go off and have seven stitches, but I came back on and managed to score another goal. After the game I had to have the stitches taken out and put back in again because they'd been done in a rush."

Kevin Sheedy after scoring two goals for Everton in the 5-0 win against Man Utd at Goodison Park in October 1984.

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Comments about Kevin Sheedy On The 5-0 Win Over Man Utd 1984
I was 16 at the time and went this game i rememember Gordan stachen and united chasing shadows all afternoon and Everton being a class apart fond memories.
Eddie lewis, Widnes, 8:56 PM 6/11/2012
Who can forget his twice taken free kick against Ipswich? He scored the first one, which was disallowed for some reason and the ref ordered a retake. He took it again and stuck it in the opposite corner. A marvelous moment.
Spectator, Crosby, 11:57 AM 8/10/2012
His twice taken freekick against Ipswich in 85. I was 8 and right footed but I went home after the match and practised day in and day out on my left foot until it became stronger than my right. I bumped in to him last year in Matthew Street and told him he was my hero and because of him I'm left footed now. He was touched and very humbled. My hero I still get SHEEDY 11 on my Everton shirts.
Symo, Broadgreen, 9:59 AM 8/10/2012
happy days love that team. Sheedy was just class. thank you for them days just one word brilliant.
keith evers, wirral, 8:23 AM 8/10/2012
Glorious weather shone on Goodison this day,Celtic fans in with the Mancs giving loads to the Blue Boys,Everton with a performance of such perfection and a star by the name of Sheedy doing it on the pitch as Rembrandt did on canvas,sheer joy to have been present.
The Obstructed View, Liverpool, 9:57 AM 16/06/2012
Remember I went this game and the Notts Forest 5 - 0. Wow what memories. Even took along a Man U supporter (friend of a friend) in the St End. I warned him don't move if you score. Luckily he didn't have to. He was cheering Everton off at the end though.
Russ J, St End, 10:40 AM 24/04/2012
I do not remember him missing a penalty. Every time it went high into the roof of the net, great memories.
Alan, Hinckley, 5:57 PM 19/03/2012
My favourite all time player.
Stef , Old Swan., 5:05 PM 19/03/2012
I loved Sheeds. The times he pulled us out of the brown stuff were unbelievable. I actually wanted Sheeds love child. That left foot could open a tin of peas, that magic wand of a left foot. Still is my favourite Everton player of all time. Superb Sheeds, superb.
Andy , Huyton, 1:27 PM 19/03/2012
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