Duncan Ferguson On Retirement
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"This Club has been a big part of my life and this city has been a big part of my life. I met my wife here and my three kids were born here.

"I miss the place, I miss the football and I miss the derbies. You are a long time retired, I have been retired for five years and it feels like 25. So to the players that are here now, stay in football as long as you can and stay at this Club as long as you can because there is only one way after leaving this Club, and that is down.

"The fans here have always been great towards me. They are unbelievable. They took me in and they are the best fans in the country, if not the world."

Duncan Ferguson on receiving The Everton Giant Award. 19th May 2011

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Comments about Duncan Ferguson On Retirement
My favourite player, after 40+ years as a Blue. What I hate is when dickheads (many of them blue) trot out that mis-quote from Joe Royle; 'Duncan was a legend before he was a player" - implying that Dunc was afforded a status he hadn't earned. What J.R meant (and you can check this) is that Duncan had won the fans over before he had been signed as an Everton player (i.e. when he was still on loan).
stephen reid, Kirkdale, L4, 9:10 PM 1/06/2011
I remember bouncing round my primary school yard butting everythink thinking I was this giant from Scotland. They had the spice boys we have BIG DUNK !!! coyb
Joda, Tuebrook, 2:53 PM 23/05/2011
BIG DUNCAN FERGUSON, what a legend, great man & gentleman. Dunc, when you first came to our great club on loan, i sent you a letter telling you to sign for us, what a legend you would become and how you would grow to love and be loved by all us BLUES. I don't know if you ever got that letter. But are we glad you stayed. Get him back Moysie.
Paddy, Wigan, 11:11 AM 23/05/2011
Bring him back and fuck Beckford and Anichebe off. He could still do better now then them two put together.
Joe, Huyton, 12:43 PM 22/05/2011
My hero
Cc, Huyton, 8:05 PM 21/05/2011
Everton have gotta give him some sort of coaching role at the club,he might give some of the players a kick up the arse cause some need it not mentioning any names anichibie,Big dunc should be knighted fucking hero,legend,idol,
Evo, Abingdon, 5:48 PM 21/05/2011
Every time you see a pic or a video of big Dunc its one of those moments that make you shiver! I'd give anything to see him back in a blue shirt! True idol! He gave his all for the club we and he loves! Cried at his last game! One man never to be forgotten!
Mike, Birkenhead, 9:48 AM 21/05/2011
I was at Villareal when the big fella scored a belter only to be wrongly disallowed by 'the best referee in a decade', yeah baldy that Italian twat and it was his last job reffing. That cost us big, i forget the refs. name now but i will forever dislike him for that.
Alan, Hinckley, 10:43 PM 20/05/2011
If there are any doubters out there, Duncan came to us when we were struggling to sign any top boys. Yes, we were struggling then and the Big boy came and lifted us. Dunc., as much as you love us (i know you do), but we IDOLISE you.
Alan, Hinckley., 10:34 PM 20/05/2011
Big Dunc is what being an Evertonian is all about. Full of passion, we have our ups and downs, but none are better.
Kev Fraser, Walton, 8:49 PM 20/05/2011
Not only a legend, but did the right thing by his family moving to Majorca, got them out of the spotlight and hassle that would have surely followed him around after his retirement. Its just a pity that he couldnt have been kept on by the club in some capacity. Mr Ferguson I salute you and that prick Anichibie should be made to watch vids of you strangling Paul " The Guv " Ince and Stefan Freund over and over again until he finally gets what it is to play for Everton. ( I am going to have to stop this, as I am developing and patholigical hatred for that lazy twat Anichibie ! )
COYBL25, WOOLTON, 7:08 PM 20/05/2011
I Just love him. My very first game was his debut. My first Everton shirt had his name on the back. It actually gave me shivers down my spine reading this.
Ben Lynch, Leeds, 4:35 PM 20/05/2011
Well done Dunc. I can't think of a more deserving recipient.
Mick, Maghull, 2:26 PM 20/05/2011
Lets make him Chairman. He's got passion for the club, love and a great rapport with the fans. That's just three points the present chairman will never have. On a lighter note, WE HAVE to get the big man back in some capacity at Goodison
Steggs, Crosby, 1:49 PM 20/05/2011
Whens the Testimonial? Thats what I want to know !!
Matt Salter, Litherland, 1:14 PM 20/05/2011
Bring him back as head of security!
Ryan, Wavertree, 12:18 PM 20/05/2011
Instead of having "welcome to goodison" at the end of the players tunnel we should have this pic of big Dunc with blood streeming down his face.He epitomises what it means to be an evertonian.That should be all the inspiration an everton player should ever need.
terry, widnes, 10:41 AM 20/05/2011
He was everything that it meant to pull on that blue shirt, 'Big Dunc' was a talisman, not only to the fans but to the players, everytime he played the team were visibly lifted, the passion he had for this club was unrivaled. You could never doubt his efforts he gave it all for every minute he was on the pitch, he didn't just play for Everton, Dunc was Everton and Gary Mac from the wirral I would love to see Dunc back at Everton just to even sit in the dressing room and get the players fired up, one word LEGEND. We miss ya Dunc
Chris, Co Durham, 9:12 AM 20/05/2011
Hero, legend, Evertonian. Has to come back to the club in some part. Could he not do the tours when the old boy retires properly? Or manage the bar in the executive lounge? Would bring some of the prawn sandwich brigade down a peg or two.
Stevo, Wigan, 7:44 AM 20/05/2011
I was there tonight (working unfortunately) and the roof nearly came off when the big man went to collect his award. Can I also say that Big Dunc and the boys were an absolute credit to the club. Then again, whenever they're attending any event at our place the general consensus is that they're a good bunch of lads, never cause any problems, always take time to talk to people and, most importantly, never wanted to be treated as special. Don't you just love being a Blue!!!
Gary Mac, Wirral, 3:48 AM 20/05/2011
What a legend. The club must give him a job. The big man has now made his peace with Moyes. The club must realise the impact he is having on the fans. Coach, Ambassador, Motivator, anything...Get him at the club.
Cookie, Everton, 12:27 AM 20/05/2011
Chris, Work, 11:07 PM 19/05/2011
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