Quotes - Scharner On Duncan Ferguson
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"Duncan Ferguson elbowed me in the neck three times and I was beginning to get a bit angry. I swore at him in Austrian and I know he couldn't possibly have understood it. Even so, he suddenly swung round and thumped me in the stomach. He got sent off, but I began to appreciate how he earned his reputation as a hard man. It was a nice punch, I have to say."

Wigan player Paul Scharner after being hit by Everton Legend Duncan Ferguson in January 2006.

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Comments about Quotes - Scharner On Duncan Ferguson
Ask BOBIC the German ex-Bolton player how his kidneys are! I remember being at the game, one of Moyes' first in charge,you could imagine big Sam's teamtalk-along the lines of,"lets wind up the big fella" Think we ended up winning the game so Big Dunc can be forgiven, legend!
phil, stoke, 12:38 PM 28/04/2011
Dunc: hmm an Austrian mouth ehh I wonder if he would like too meet my Scottish fist... *punches in stomach* Dunc: guess not XD
Lukemc1878, Nz, 12:36 PM 27/04/2011
I know we shouldn't but I still laugh out loud at Dunc's punch on this guy. It was disgraceful and he had to go but it was still dead funny :o)
Spectator, Crosby, 12:19 PM 27/04/2011
Big Dunc my hero, what a legend. I agree we should try and get Sharner rate him
evo, abingdon, 9:34 AM 27/04/2011
As Alan said, good player and he ALWAYS manages to score against us. Versatile as well, think he played in every position for Wigan except for GK. We deffo shud have been in for him when he left Wigan on a free last summer, but he wouldnt have joined us as we wouldnt have been able to offer him a regular start.
Tom, Canada, 9:27 AM 27/04/2011
That'll teach him to underestimate the multi-lingual Big Dunc.
Simon, Halifax, 11:09 PM 26/04/2011
I like the cut of this fellow's jib.
Andrew Osnard, Panama City, 5:27 PM 26/04/2011
This fellow always pops one in against us, we should sign him for next season. I rate him
alan, hinckley, 2:12 PM 26/04/2011
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