Moyesy and Mancini Round One
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So the Italian lost the plot with our Glaswegian hard man as the Blues easily beat his Sitteh side. Moyesy and our band of merry men showed the Arabs over at Eastlands all about how its done as the battle for Europe hots up.

So whats going on here then. Add your comments below to what is being said as Moyesy and Mancini got to grips with each other.

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Comments about Moyesy and Mancini Round One
even Sheeds could take ya
Paul, Surrey, 10:48 PM 13/08/2010
was ay a do the utha nite,an i erd im say.....ur in my techno area .....get he didnt ....but u kno wat these iti prix r like...........i dont kno bout long haired lover from liverpool.....more like ,long haired lover from lazio.........i ope he getz paid in euroz cos ee wont b ere 4 long.......
godisblue, holyland, 3:18 AM 28/03/2010
if you dont let me be arteta im taking my f****n ball back and goin home, and by the way any chance of taking lescott back, a bargain at 20 odd million.
boydo the blue, belfast, 3:00 AM 27/03/2010
Mancini: It soooooooo unfair!!! You only been at Everton for 8 years! You don't know what it's like to put your heart and soul into club and still get twatted! Oh, errr, sorry, I was having my Mourinho delusion again. Should see a Dr maybe, no?
Tony, Liverpool, 1:32 AM 27/03/2010
Fooksakes Mancy its no even ten o clock!
sids, canada, 11:48 PM 26/03/2010
Now-Now Mr Mansknee that is no way to congratulate wor Davey on the great goal scored by the best Spanish player in da world.
Scousegeordie, Northumberland, 6:34 PM 26/03/2010
Mancheater; WHAT DO YOU MEAN, Thats 6 points, and 4 wheels off my FIAT Panda Moysey: Are yee deaf as well as Dumn? Pasta boy?
wilf jones, Stockport, 1:58 PM 26/03/2010
I said extra Pepperoni you greasy little twat! - Haha the best one yet....quality
Sean McNally, Waterloo, 9:55 AM 26/03/2010
Look , i know he's shit, you know he's shit , everyone know's he's shit but i've spent your 22.5 million, now FUCK OFF !!!!!
Barry, Wirral, 8:02 AM 26/03/2010
Ahh!!!! pretty please David let me have the ball its the only way our team of wankers is going to get it today.
Island Dweller, Bali, 4:44 AM 26/03/2010
I only said "Don't worry, there is a job up for grabs at Celtic"
John B, Little Sutton, 4:06 AM 26/03/2010
mancini: thats it thats my job gone, ahhh its all ure fault moyes give me ure jacket, im takin your job! moyes:hey get the f**k back, or out ovr the stadium ile drive ye!
justin halligan, waterford, 1:30 AM 26/03/2010
David Moyes"Get off my nipple u italian twat,right thats it i'm gonna doo ya right up the ducklings fart pipe",Roberto mancini "oh go on then"
raino, scarborough, 11:29 PM 25/03/2010
Mancini:" Daveed, let me a fix your tie you boootiful man you"
Boris Johnstone, Scotland, 11:03 PM 25/03/2010
Davy, "Whats a matter you, hey ! gotta no respect, whadda you think you do, hey why you looka so sad" Man-keeni, you sound like swimwear for a ladyboy, you Dr Who loving, pasta chomping, Chianti swilling, soft southern Toffees reckon your teams like an old bra............. no cups and shite support, now give me my ball back before I knock you into the middle of next week
Rhino, Reading, Berks, 10:23 PM 25/03/2010
are yee a dwarf or a midget? ya wee cantancarous beastie!
peter kay, bolton, 9:37 PM 25/03/2010
Oi Oi i like the looks of this jacky lad, how much £30 million mate here ya, fuck off i was bein sarcastic you italian twat
Dan Jones, Home, 9:30 PM 25/03/2010
Mancini:Let me wear your jacket dave Moyes: FUCK OFF!!!
John, Norris Green, 8:11 PM 25/03/2010
No I haven't got any spare change you fuckn' jippo!
Tom Davies, Liverpool, 7:57 PM 25/03/2010
daveed yur zeep iz stuck leit mi uunfisten it for you. GET TO FUCK YA WEE COCK SUCKIN SCARF WEARIN PONCE.
gorgiescouse, edinburgh, 7:42 PM 25/03/2010
37're not getting your money back for Lescott you prick.....but I will sell you a crutch he can use for another £24m!
Dave Roberts, Runcorn, 6:38 PM 25/03/2010
Hey Moysey,..take Lescott back!His Star Trek head is putting me off my pasta!
Starkey, Liverpool, 6:29 PM 25/03/2010
Moyes: "Are you liverpool in disguise?" Mancini: "cheeky fucker wer not that shit!"
Matt, Home, 6:21 PM 25/03/2010
Oi Roberto you greasy speck, you'll only have one ball left once the Yak and Joey have finished with ya! Cheers for the 6pts you keep the Klingon his careers on the slide.
Alessandro Blu, Manchester, 5:51 PM 25/03/2010
Moyes "I am a very overrated manager and annoyed because I am scottish so I am going to pull a funny face" Macini "lol okay"
STEVE, your mums v-jay, 5:39 PM 25/03/2010
oooooooooooo......... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Roberto Mancini! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he. Roberto Mancini! If nautical nonsense be somethin' ya wish. Roberto Mancini! Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish. Roberto Mancini! Roberto Mancini, Roberto Mancini, Roberto Mancini, Roberto Mancini!
David O'Toole, Bootle, 5:29 PM 25/03/2010
See yee ya wee ball bag yee, your nothing but a wee bam pot!
Carl, Jersey, 4:53 PM 25/03/2010
I said to Roberto - If ye dinnae get her hands offa me I'm going remove your heed from your shoulders!
Davey Moyes , Finch Farm, 4:45 PM 25/03/2010
Moyes telling the Italian no we do not want JUDAS LESCOTT back
Michael, Stockton on Tees, 4:13 PM 25/03/2010
LOOK Meesta moyes, whata you do too my hair...
mickylad, lancs, 4:06 PM 25/03/2010
look roberto i dont have a wallet in my inside pocket if you need more money go and see your chairman i bet if you raise 100m you could bid for jacks right foot !!!
w.cole, lancashire, 4:04 PM 25/03/2010
Moyesy "Fuck Off Mate, I Dont Want A Stupid Scarf.." Man-kini "Ah Davieed, Juzt A Little One.."
Derek M, Dublin, 3:19 PM 25/03/2010
get off me ya wee spic, go and ask Hermitt what score it is, and ill have extra pepperoni while ya at it
JB 9, im not to sure, 3:10 PM 25/03/2010
moyes would end mancini.
jake, bootle, 2:53 PM 25/03/2010
Get out of it Roberto, I'm not taking Lescott back off you, you're stuck with the crock !
holdendeforge, Leeds, 2:49 PM 25/03/2010
Mancini: "Give me my ball back, I'm going home"
Paul H, Walton, 1:56 PM 25/03/2010
You,me outside ya wee bass.
Tony Dunn, Finchley, 1:53 PM 25/03/2010
Sit back down you F***** Italian Ponce ! 2 - 0 !Trying to get a quick throw won't make a blind bit of difference your teams shi*e, your shite !
mark , widnes, 12:54 PM 25/03/2010
Mancini:give me my ball back, iv already lost a beach ball.
dean , derby, 12:50 PM 25/03/2010
you puff roberta.its not that f**kin cold you clown.weres that dick roger he's f**king next
robert morris, carlisle , 12:44 PM 25/03/2010
See you!2-0 !
Garth tool, earth, 12:39 PM 25/03/2010
I don't think we're cut out for this dancin on ice bollocks!!!
Glynn, Widnes, 12:16 PM 25/03/2010
Moyes: I'll gie ye a Kirkby Kiss....(Oh no ah canna say that). Ahll get back te ye when we know where we're goin.
Mrs Miyaghi, Belle Vale, 11:58 AM 25/03/2010
OOOOOOOOH David give me that ball you silly sausage, I just can't let Poppa Arab down this late in the season. Piss Off ya Greasy Surrender Monkey before I set me Yobo on ye. This is my game and my ball now. By the power of Red Skull, GlasgeKiss HOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Conk Splat Crack, Robertos on his back. The End.
Joey, Runcorn. Censored., 11:55 AM 25/03/2010
go on boi, see u, pick ure p45 when U try and walk away....
Ian, 2.4 miles from GOODISON, 11:38 AM 25/03/2010
Unhand me you scroundel or I will be forced to get medieval on you and the rest of your bench.
Dog of War, Huyton, 11:29 AM 25/03/2010
mancini: i want money back for herman munster moyes: you listen here ya tadger, ya can go kiss my wee arse if you think im takin herman back, now get away up tha road before i chib ya
knockoff, merseyside, 11:10 AM 25/03/2010
Fook sake Roberto, your going to rip your tights!!! stupid wee man.
Bicko, Belfast, 11:02 AM 25/03/2010
What are you talking about Moysie? Godfather 2 was a much better film than Braveheart!
Robin , Wolves, 10:56 AM 25/03/2010
wots dat u didnt want lesscott hereford may b interested for 20p ( Lescott You Left When You Shudda stayed but then again who's lescott he plays in league two doesnt he)
dave, goodison park, 10:22 AM 25/03/2010
zat is de zecond time in 2 months you have beat the shit out of uz. Now i will beat the shit out of you, you scousey bastardos
Joe, France, 10:14 AM 25/03/2010
I said extra Pepperoni you greasy little twat!
Steve, lancs, 10:14 AM 25/03/2010
Moyes: Your Wu-Tang Style is strong - but it's no match for my Blue-Chang Style!
Toby, Nottingham, 10:12 AM 25/03/2010
Aye.. why did ya naay say ye wanned the ball... ye's have den feck all with it all neet ye eytie bassa
Kevin Sparke, Northumberland, 10:06 AM 25/03/2010
Na can't you see what Moyes is doing, He's pulling the same infamous face Fellaini pulls when he scores!!! He saying, and this time we did it even without the big man!!! Mancini is simply saying "why why why!?"
Joe, Madrid, 10:00 AM 25/03/2010
what do you mean moysey "i look like a dick in this scarf " cheeky scottish fucker
phil briscombe, dovecot, 9:59 AM 25/03/2010
Cheers Roberto, now don't lose it. Six points and £22 mill for a crocked defender, I just love you Arabs !!
tolietduck, my armchair, 9:14 AM 25/03/2010
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