Roy Gives Ross A Talking To
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The photo was taken at England's Training Camp in Portugal.

What's Going On?

What Is Roy Saying To Ross?

What Is Ross saying To Roy?

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Comments about Roy Gives Ross A Talking To
Roy to Ross, lets shut the twaining session down, the Ale house opens in half an hour
Joe, France, 5:18 PM 28/05/2014
@doug comment 13. Wedicuwously funny that! Thanks to Woss, Engerwand ranks up with the best of them!
Fwank Wea, Speke, king Stweet , 1:50 PM 28/05/2014
Woss,to Woy.."Boss,have you seen that film"The Kings Speech?"
the obsructed view, liverpool, 10:06 AM 27/05/2014
Hodgson to Barkley : 'You fool Watson, don't you recognise me?!
njr1330, Liverpool , 8:22 PM 26/05/2014
Roy: Woss! Woss! Have you seen where England stand in the World Cup "ranking" positionon? We've "ranked" all the way fwom 11th to 7th since we intweduwced you to the squad! Thanks to you Woss, we "rank" higher than most people could ever dweeem! For this Woss, I'm going to "rank" you as my number one pwayer! Ross: thanks boss, but you really must work on that speech impediment.
Doug, Liverpool, 7:45 PM 26/05/2014
Roy: Wwwwwwoss! Ross: No boss... Rrross! Roy: OK I gowit now..... Www Www Www... Ross: That's enough for today boss, best get back to some footy! Roy: Wight you are Woss, Wight you are! Townsend: Boss! ?
Walf , Wwwucorn , 9:49 AM 26/05/2014
No boss, can't say I do remember you being manager of the redshite. Did you do any good there?
Dr Hfuhruhur, Hull, 4:24 PM 24/05/2014
Wemember woss, if it all gwoes Wong in bwazil, we go to nowich and we gwo again! Mwake us dweam woss!
Dave, County Durham, 10:35 AM 24/05/2014
Ross; My nan has one of those big type mobies too.
Willy, Eckerslyke, 5:38 AM 24/05/2014
Woss I've just dwopped a pownd coin can you swee it?
Terry, Granby, 12:59 AM 24/05/2014
Woy to woss " Get your hand out of my pocket there is only there is only pennys in there !"
John connor, northwood kirkby, 12:39 AM 24/05/2014
You may have Stevie Gs banana boots on but no slip up for you my lad
Blue Nick, The treet End, 10:34 PM 23/05/2014
'See this watch Ross? It doesn't matter how hard I try, I still can't get the little balls in the holes'.
Dave, Crosby, 8:40 PM 23/05/2014
Don't worry Ross Gerard has always been shit but he cries if i don't include him.
Johno, South africa, 7:44 PM 23/05/2014
That's it Roy.. behind flick with the left peg, turn and you're through on goal..
Gazza, Widnes, 5:21 PM 23/05/2014
ROSS TO ROY..... nice boots roy
danny bryan, wigan, 4:50 PM 23/05/2014
Woy is saying to Woss.."Son,when i start rubbing my face with both hands,it means were all going home soon"
the obsructed view, liverpool, 2:57 PM 23/05/2014
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