28. Chris Woods
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Although never playing for the Blues, Chris Woods has been at Bellefield for many season's now in a goal keeping coach capacity.

Chris burst onto the scene in the late 1970's when he deputised for Peter Shilton in the great Notts Forest side that swept everything before them. Chris won a League Cup medal at Forest, before moving on to enjoy a great career at Norwich and Rangers, were the Scots won everything there was to win in Scotland.

The keeper was capped many times for his country taking over as England's No 1, when Shitter Shilts retired. All this is very good, but would you swap it all for a mullet like this, c'mon wasn't the 70's and 80's all about being an individual, experimenting with your barnet, not this public school boy effort.

Rumours abound the reason Chris never joined the Blues earlier in his career is nothing to do with the great Neville Southall being the best keeper in the World, it was all to do with, yes you've guessed it his barnet. Jesus Chris did you ever keep your dinner money!!

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