27. Peter Reid
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Peter Reid, Player of the Year in 1985, League Title Winner, not once but twice, FA Cup Winner, European Honours, and an Everton Legend if ever there was one. This guy would run through a brick wall for you, and by the kip of his hair on this photo it looks like he has.

Reidy marshaled the Everton midfield through the great times of the 1980's alongside Brace, Tricky Trev and Sheeds. He was in control of things on the pitch, but unfortunately not in the bathroom, as the Vosene had a mind of its own. However hard he tried he just could not get the fizz out of his hair, that's why he opted for the not so trendy rig out that we can see him in, complete with Sid James hat, to hide his torrid mullet.

Reidy was feared by opposition the length and breadth of the country, but with his mullet in fine fettle, the women in the Club Conty, Pick a Dicks, and The Big G, could sleep safely with Reidy, his bad clobber and his barnet on the loose.

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