26. Adrian Heath
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Adrian 'Inchy' Heath was part of that successful mid 80's side that swept everything before it. The diminutive striker was Sharpy's original partner till a horrific injury caused, by Brian 'shit ouse' Marwood, and the signing of Andy Gray changed all that.

He hung around long enough though to see off Andy Gray and Gary Lineker to win another title in 1987, were he was a virtual ever present. This is surprising considering his mullet, as I if was Howard Kendall I would have ordered an immediate barnet chop of this disaster, and also bollicked him for the shite coloured top he is wearing in this photo.

He may have had the nickname Inchy, but we have it on good authority that he was the longest in the shower, no not his John Thomas, I meant longest in the shower, as he was fannying around tarting up his awful barnet.

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Inchy was havin it large with this barnet
Paul, Bootle, 2:59 AM 7/07/2010
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