25. Gary Lineker
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Everton had the golden boy of English football for one short season back in 1985/86. Links scored 40 goals, when we missed out on the Double, well less said the better about that. Off he went to an International Tournament, ended up top scorer, and moved on for pastures new, see it has happened to us before.

Links unbelievably was the Golden Boy of his generation even with this barnet, but maybe his Leicester up bringing can be bought into play here. You see it was a local custom that you got your best mate to cut your barnet, not the local barber. By the way Gary's best mucka' is no other that Snooker leg end Willie Thorne, he off the no hair fame. Maybe that is what Willie was longing for as he cut Link's locks, a full mullet however bad it was, and one that he never owned himself.

Anyway Gary went onto fame and fortune selling crisps for a living, oh and presenting MOTD for the BBC. He also occasionally remembers when it suits him that he once pulled on the Royal Blue, played and scored in an FA Cup Final for us, and received a League Championship Runners Up medal.

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