24. Alan Biley
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Alan Biley holds the honour of being the only ex Everton player to make it onto the barnet Hall of Shame twice, due to his extraordinary bad mullet. When we at bluekipper thought of Blue Mullets it was in honour of no other that Mr. Biley who without doubt must hold the dubious honour of the worst footballing barnet in Everton's history, if not soccer itself.

Carlos Valderamma was said to have modelled his own mop in the style of Biles, and even Bob Geldof was said to been keen on having a Biley as it was christened down in the fashionable salons of the major cities of Europe; Milan, London, Madrid, Ellesmere Port.

Thanks to Paul Kayley who bumped into Alan the other week at his local Pound Stretcher and took this snap of him, honest, see it hasn't changed.

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