21. Mickael Madar
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Mad Micky was probably one of Howard Kendall's strangest ever signing's not for his footballing ability but his ridiculous pony tailed barnet.

The Frenchman's time on Merseyside was not one of too many highs, but for Herbert and all the other barbers in the area they were delighted to play with the Frenchy's flowing locks.

Howard went, and in came hard man Walter. The Glaswegian nut took one look at this gay looking French fella', and told him either to cut his mullet or fuck off, Madar duly left, with a record of six goals in 17 appearances over two seasons.

He is definitely one ex Blue who is not missed, and his barnet can go back to were it belonged, France, says it all really.

Cheers to John G of Norris Green for supplying the photo

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