18. Neil Pointon
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Neil Pointon, by shit what a mullet, doubly bad when joined with his mussy, enters our hall of bad hair doo's, because, well just look at it.

Neil played for the Blues in the mid 80's, signed by Howard Kendall from Scunthorpe. He went onto win the League Championship in 1987, and the Charity Shield in the same year when we defeated Coventry 1-0.

Believe it or not, Neil did not have naturally curly hair, he actually paid some Herbert (the one of the telly), to curl his locks for him, it was all the rage in them days.

Neil was famously christened Dizza by all Blues fans (think about it), and one famous quote goes like so:

Son to Dad: 'Dad why do they call him Dizza'

Dad to Son: 'Coz he's shit son'

In fairness to Dizza, the League Championship medal tells us otherwise, but his barnet is still shocking. Welcome to bad mullet corner Neil.

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