16. Bob Latchford
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Bob was one of Everton's all time scoring greats. 70's icon, England International, the Thierry Henry of his day (sounds good anyway). Bob was a hero to many, but not in the barnet department, as this photo shows. Bob overnight went from Mr Normal Hair doo, to this zany wacky Perm that was in vogue in the late 1970's.

The manager of the time Gordon Lee was that fed up with Bob's mullet letting the dressing room down, that he banished Latch the Snatch to life in the Welsh Valleys as he moved onto Swansea.

It never came out at the time, but the rumours behind Latch's move can now be confirmed. Terry Darracott we are told was that jealous of Bob's hairstyle, that it became a him or me situation in the dressing room. Terry won, Bob left.

See Terrys Mullet

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