13. Alan Irvine
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Yes, Moyesy's right hand man once donned the Blue and White aswell. Back in the early 80's, Alan was a sprightly if gangly winger for the Blues. He appeared in the first Merseyside Cup Final of 1984 (Milk Cup), when the Blues were robbed of a Wembley winner when Alan HANDsen, handled the ball on the line. Yes, even in them days referee's conspired against us!!

Alan lost favour then under Howard Kendall, as the dream team of the mid 80's started to take shape. He had been warned constantly to change his outrageous barnet, but the Scots winger was adamant, that the mullet stayed, so Alan went.

Pondering back, Alan still remembers those days fondly, and instead of a lock of hair, he keeps a sports bag full of his barnet cuttings.

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