Everton Star At World Cup Mexico 1970
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Thanks to Tommy who sent us this photo of the crowd at the England v Romania game at The World Cup in Mexico 1970.

We didn't think Everton's left back would have been old enough to be at the game.

Apparently you can see the programme about the World Cup in Mexico 1970 o BBC IPlayer.

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Comments about Everton Star At World Cup Mexico 1970
This picture is actually (I say actually cos it's true) it's actually taken from an old kentucky Chicken fight (loser got battered). The barbed wire is there due to the enormous size of the chickens back then. Baines Senior felt like chicken that night and the rest was history
Norman, Rill, 8:26 PM 17/06/2014
This is in fact Leyton's dad at a Mod convention shortly before he saw the light, grew his hair and joined a Sabbath tribute act. Dad was shocked and disappointed to learn that Leyton has been rubbing shoulders with Morrissey and was unconvinced when Leyton said that he had not in fact met Morrissey, but had bumped into Lemmy at Morrisons.
John T, Bristol, 3:27 PM 16/06/2014
Anyone old enough to remember going in 'The Boy's Pen' back end of the Gwladys Street?
Lennie, Wirral, 5:53 PM 12/06/2014
The straw hats various styles army and navy stores?
Andy , Aberdeen , 1:36 PM 12/06/2014
No one giving the barbed wire fence any recognition,i hear it was manufactured by the Mendoza family based on the outskirts of Sao Paulo.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 8:15 AM 12/06/2014
Proclaimers,back row in the straw titfa's?
Lennie, Wirral., 3:04 PM 11/06/2014
Keep this going no shout for the old fella yet not peter Reid the ears are to small!
andy, Aberdeen, 1:03 PM 11/06/2014
Thought it was Nick Faldo and Richard Osman behind him!
rob, timperley, 8:23 AM 11/06/2014
OK, now I'm officially freaked out! Not the time travel think.... That Hat! Must have been when he grew his hair into that 70s cut! It all makes sense now!
doug, Liverpool, 9:49 PM 10/06/2014
No Andy it's Nigel Kennedy next to Sheedy :-D
Syd Barrett, Space, 9:44 PM 10/06/2014
Dave Watson next to him Phil the power Taylor next to Sheeds
andy, Aberdeen, 7:28 PM 10/06/2014
I wondered, when reading H.G. Wells as a kid, if time travel was truly possible? Now I'm convinced.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:15 PM 10/06/2014
Kevin Sheedy behind him
Syd Barrett, Space, 3:38 PM 10/06/2014
Must have had a belly full of that Amish Community,Viva Mexico..and tell Harrison Ford i won't be coming back.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 2:09 PM 10/06/2014
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