Everton In Brazil
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Hi guys. Currently travelling around Brazil for six months and in the small town of Viseu in the northern Amazon state of Pará I saw a car speed past me with the name of Everton plastered on the side.

I thought I was hallucinating, having withdrawal symptoms from missing the Blues, but then next day I espied the car again outside this mechanic shop and went in to have a chat with the owner called ... EVERTON!

He needed no introduction to the name and knew of the club and was happy to have pics taken. I attach 4 pics here you might like to use.

So, if any touring blues are ever in the vicinity of Viseu in Pará state in north-east Brazil and in need of a tune up, Everton is yer man!

Stephen (Midge) Arnott


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Comments about Everton In Brazil
Hey Stephen, If ya coming into Fortaleza at anytime, look me up and we can go for a beer and talk all things Everton. Always good to meet another blue over here. timconnell76@gmail.com
Tim C, Fortaleza, 5:41 PM 10/10/2013
Obstructed view, Everton is a small town mechanic, not Jesus Christ! He may work miracles with clapped out motors, but Alcaraz..? Maybe if Lazarus was on our books he could do a number on him and doctor his clock..?
Midge, Belém, Brazil, 3:44 PM 10/10/2013
See how he's fixed for booking in Antolin Alcaraz for an M.O.T.
the obsructed view, liverpool, 3:39 PM 9/10/2013
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