Opal Fruits In The Park End
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Blackburn game. First game of the season 2008. Park End.

Fella in front took his kid too his first game. His little fella kept asking for an 'Opal Fruit'.

He turned to his son (as Arteta set up the free kick).

"Danno (he called him this all game). Watch son it's Arteta he's your favourite!"

"He should just fuckin shoot" said his son.

"Oye where did you hear that?" said his Dad.

"You said it just before Dad."

We all laughed are backsides off! His son never had to ask 4 a single opal fruit all game!


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Opel Fruit, made to turn the air Royal Blue!
xDoug, Liverpool , 7:36 PM 1/05/2014
Brillo. I was at a game beginning of this century, one of the first I took my nephew, who has Down Syndrome; think it was against Ipswich, and we lost 3-0. Took him home, and his mam asked him what he thought of the game and he said "The referee's a wanker!" We all burst out laughing
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 7:10 PM 1/05/2014
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