Everton Players And Their Posh Cars
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During the 2007-2008 season I took my ten year old son to the match. We did our usual thing of buying a programme and waiting behind the barriers at the players entrance with a permanent marker at the ready. So my son could collect our players autographs.

It was around  this time Leighton Baines had been out for some time with an injury. As the players rolled up one by one in their posh motors some fella was telling the crowd who was about to emerge from each vehicle. A black Ferrari turned up and the fella shouted: "Joseph Yobo". A Porsche 4x4 arrived next. He shouted "Nuno Valente".

This carried on for a while until the match day paramedics arrived and reversed their ambulance up to the gates at the park end. Quick as a flash my son nudged the shouting fella pointed at the ambulance and shouted "Leighton Baines".
Terry. Widnes.

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