Who Ate All The Pies
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I was at the Blackpool game on Saturday, sat in the Upper Bullens as normal.

There is an old gadger who has sat behind me for years, and he does come out with some gems.

On Saturday as Beattie was pushing up the field, he shouted to Phil Neville who was marking him at the time;

'Watch out for Beatties pace Phil, he's like shit off a shovel'

Well he made me and me mate chuckle anyhow.

Mike / Aintree

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Comments about Who Ate All The Pies
Best one I've heard was when we had walter smith in charge and we were playing coventry, gordon strachen came bouncing off his perch screaming at the ref. Some old guy in the gwladys shouts " Walter f**kin t**t that troll ! " whole street end started laughing comedy gold ! An if ya know ya history !
Stanno, Widnes, 6:45 PM 11/02/2011
Have you been smoking the craic, Gerard?
mike litoris, down under, 2:21 PM 10/02/2011
the loss of the shop floor in Liverpoo', and the demise of the grass-root pubs has lost the technique of these good folk. The Liverpoo' dockers certainly had a knack for the craic. Times evolve but the spirit should remain. Wherever you, whatever you do, if your an Evertonian, put the spirit and the craic first and don't back...have a good laugh. I'm in Melbourne. I have just Fostered a kopite. All four cans hit him on the back of the head. Bum Bum!
Gerard, Melbourne, 10:56 AM 10/02/2011
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