Gosling and Yakubu Not Forgotten
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I was watching Everton at the derby game at Goodison in 09/10 season, I was sitting in row B of family enclosure. The Yak and Gosling are warming up in front of us. 

A young lad of about 10 started shouting "Yakubu... Yakubu...". The Yak carried on warming up. The lad shouted again: "Yakubu...Yakubu...".

Still nothing from The Yak. After ten attempts of trying to get Yaks attention with no success he turned his attention to Gosling.

After shouting his name a few times, Dan obliged and turned around to see what the young lad wanted.

The 10 year old lad shouted: "Tell Yakubu for us". Everyone around even Gosling was laughing.

Dean, Maghull

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Best shout I've heard, did he tell him?
craig, kirkby, 7:40 PM 28/01/2011
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