Laugh - We Nearly Blamed Everton
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We always like a giggle at the reshite's expense. It's even better when they give you a laugh without trying. You would have thought their fans would have done better though!

**** #Crystanbul

**** LFC Helpline - 0800 10 20 30 31 32 33

**** "Steven Gerard compared Everton to my Stoke team a couple of years ago, trying to be derogatory about both clubs. For an England captain I found this dissappointing but I believe in dignity and my Palace side will do all they can to win. We respect the league." Tony Pulis, Crystal Palace manager.
‪**** 3-0 and you fucked it up... #‎blameeverton‬

**** I hear its blowing a Gayle in Landan.

**** Liverpool Council Warning - The city is on flood alert due to thousands of Everton fans pissing themselves laughing.

**** Will this be a DVD?? One night in May??! ‪#‎bottled‬

**** Tell me Ma me MA.. Whatever will be will be.. NO Title for Stevie G.. Tell me Ma me Ma..

**** Ste Gerrard Gerrard.. He slipped on his fuckin arse.. And gave it to Demba Ba.. Ste Gerard Gerard..

**** Sung to that great Smokie tune "Living next door to Alice"

Oh, I don't know Luis' leaving or where he's gonna go..
I guess he's got his reasons but I just don't wanna know..
After 24 years we've just fucked it up at Palace..
24 years waiting for a chance..
To win the league title we'll never get a second glance..
Now we've gotta get used to throwing it away at Palace... 


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Comments about Laugh - We Nearly Blamed Everton
Lennie, I'm not convinced all those who wrote saying me, and people like me, were a disgrace to Everton Football Club for wanting City to win the title when it was in their hands, were Evertonians - George, from Wallasey, you seemed to have disappeared since the Shite slipped up courtesy of Stevie G G. Kopites, including Neil, who sent his insult about coming on this site to laugh at us Blues, on the 15th April of this year, who's laughing now?
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 12:23 AM 13/05/2014
remember them dark days when they wanted us to go down ,so the red shite can go fcuk themselves and i havn,t stop laughing since the fatal slip
MAD CAT, PARK END, 10:12 PM 12/05/2014
John (@13) Apologies, but I could not resist it. This will be one 'pearl of wisdom' that the RS morons will not be sprouting soon. As they are experts at the Stalinist rewriting of history, they will probably claim that 'Shanks' was misquoted, but they even sell T-shirts with this BS on. The victory parade has been cancelled, the Echo 64 page supplement has been pulped, and the 'Let's take the piss at Everton' show at the Royal Court has been binned. Amazing to think that some Toffee's wanted all this to happen, with a win against city, and the RS to win the league by one point, and we would still have finished 5th.
Lennie, Wirral., 3:28 PM 12/05/2014
Lennie (#12) you really shouldn't be quoting Shankley on this hallowed site, but in this case he made a great point!!!!! The day he said it he must have received a heavy blow to his head and had a resultant, never to be repeated, moment of lucidity.
John T, Bristol, 10:27 AM 12/05/2014
Lennie, Wirral., 5:42 PM 11/05/2014
Did you know that in the animal kingdom there is only one species capable of producing tears (crocodile tears not being considered to be authentic tears). Its scientific name is Rattus Uruguayicus or the Common Red Rat to you and me. This animal should not be approached as it is liable to bite. It is rumoured that Spanish rat catchers may soon become involved - the bait they use being irresistible to this most greedy of all rodents.
John T, Bristol, 10:22 AM 9/05/2014
Lennie, Wirral, 4:51 PM 8/05/2014
This was so funny, looie was playing pin the tail on the donkey and bumping into redshite. sorry for double post.
BlueBerry, The Shires, 2:05 PM 7/05/2014
'Haaa the sun light,it burns.Must have blood'.
BlueBerry, The Shires, 11:05 AM 7/05/2014
Hold on, this is the devil's spawn you are joking about here! Just look at the last few results.....Chelsea throwing away 5 points at home, Sunderland getting 7 points at City, Chelsea and United and the RS themselves losing 5 points in 2 games including the now famous draw. My worst nightmare says City will surprisingly lose one of their games and we all know the shite will beat Newcastle. They then win it in front of the Kop....can there be anything worse! I was one of those who texted stuff at half time in Istanbul....I have learnt my lesson. It is not over until the fat lady sings for the fairytale team! Come on City!!
degsy24, Liverpool, 12:47 AM 7/05/2014
Lets hold our horses, this could kick back, I resisted sending texts that awful night, I got loads, but sent nothing. When they are truly 6ft under, I'll drive a stake in the ground through the heart of the corpse, whilst reeking of garlic and a bucket of holy water at my disposal. The devils pact is never dead, but please God, C'mon City..
Fran, Dublin, 9:50 PM 6/05/2014
That has to be "The best 10Mins" I can remember for a long time. Agree with Sinbad "Lets wait till sunday night" before we raise a toast to that bunch of crying, moaning, cheating twats !!! COYB
Lee, Spain, 9:08 PM 6/05/2014
I am with Sinbad @3, on this one. Let's wait until Sunday evening before we rub it in big time.
Lennie, Wirral, 6:58 PM 6/05/2014
Hope you ain't gone too early with this, they ain't lost it yet.
Sinbad, Kensington, 5:08 PM 6/05/2014
Any chance of a translation into Norwegian so all Liverpool fans can be treated equally.
Per Longstocking, Oslo, 2:08 PM 6/05/2014
9 minutes that shook the world?
alex fenton, Bootle, 1:23 PM 6/05/2014
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