EXCLUSIVE, Everton Starting Line Up Leaked
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Snouty has had his ear to the ground and we have exclusively been told the starting eleven against City on Saturday.


Amanda Holden


Billy Butler       Bill Kenwright       Sir Philip Carter       Bryan Oviedo


Liam Gallagher       Derek Hatton (C)       Noel Gallagher


Stevie Wonder       David Blunkett       Andrea Bocelli


Who would you choose?

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John T, Bristol, 2:47 PM 3/05/2014
Robert@14 Were all "proper" supporters mate - you gonna tell Les from Phukett that he's talking through his arse 'cos he lives outside the L4 postcode! I have a season ticket and get the ribbing all season long - and Ive suffered at the hands of the RS from 1971 onwards. We're called the bitters but nobody mentions walls being pushed over 'cos that's not PC. Yet we give unequivocal support when needed and that comes from a club that oozes class and dignity. I thought it was fucking hilarious that it was Stevie boy who had a Bambi and I also hope City win on Saturday. And I am as passionate as both your "mate" in Cumbria and yourself.
Phil, Preston, 11:19 AM 2/05/2014
So many giving the I'm so indignant about blues wanting us to drop points ,we wont get 4th even with a win the arse arnt going to give it up so why win the title for the most undeserving bad loosers even worse winners ever ,they were already giving the old nasty bully boy bandwagon jumping attitude 2 weeks ago, strangers in pubs telling me 'Your like the poor relative ' and 'were considerably richer than you ' anyone remember Mr hughes and the magic tragic singalong? relegation day parade and a blue coffin ,never will I pat the back of a face forever spitting venom #COYB
Ian , Prescot , 8:46 AM 2/05/2014
We can beat these mercenaries, and I for one, would like to Stevie G pick up something missing in his trophy cabinet. He's class, and he was born an Evertonian. Who can forget his backpass a few a years ago that lost manure the title by a point.......That said, I'd prefer to see the previous Pope, Joseph Ratzanberger on the flank, Demis Roussos in goal, and Putin as a holding midfielder. COYB- Do us proud
Gerard D', Melbourne, 1:27 AM 2/05/2014
We all want Everton to win; we just don't mind if City win this weekend!! This may be a generation thing? I have always proudly supported Everton, and will even after I've died, but If you lived through the 70s, it was hell going to school/work every Monday; it was hell going out at night; playing for your local team was hell; after we'd trudged to Wembley, then the replays at Hillsborough, and then lost to Villa at Old Trafford in the League Cup in 77 a Kopite said to me the following morning: you never win anything, and just laughed at us for the rest of the season! When we got knocked out of the FA Cup quarter final against Wigan last season, the same kopite rung us up, and laughed "don't take you serious, yous never win anything" (Even in the mid 80s, they laughed at us in 1986, when beating us to the league, and beating us at Wembley in FA Cup Final). It would make a change to ring him up at the end of the season, and just laugh, knowing we'd been part of stopping them win the league!! Call be Bitter or, maybe, I'm just human!
Joe Didss, Bury, Lancs, 6:47 PM 1/05/2014
hi the guy from cumbria hello mate your that far away you dont have the day to day verbals from liverpudlians do you also the players and the board do not live with liverpudlians neither does matinez theses guys should shack up with liverpudlians after a derby defeated and learn what its like ... its the real supporters who have to listen to it ..liverpool dont care about anybody but themselves there ambitious and want to win everything they even complained when man city were taken over buy the arabs thats what they are like they will beat you 10 nil if they can and not give a shit there ruthless 4o at anfield ok mate ? the semi final a couple of seasons ago was the third time they beat us that season it gos on and on.... yera after year we have to put up with it now we have a real chance to hurt them badly and we will not beat man city they have to loose in life you have to be ruthless to get to the top especially in football ok mate ? you have to get with it ..we are not going to beat man city ..its called football politics ok mate up in cumbria
robert.v.berry, liverpool, 6:03 PM 1/05/2014
First of all .I want Everton to win on Saturday.Second ,I defintely dont want them Kopites winning F**K all,never mind the league.All this Bull about them wanting us to finish 4th is a load of sh**e.They are only saying it cos they think theyve won the league.If they could only finish 2nd or 3rd they would want us relegated.
Ged Quinn, Billinge, 6:01 PM 1/05/2014
If Stuart Barlow and Brett angel don't start up front on Saturday then I'm not re newing
Mike h, Ainsdale, 5:29 PM 1/05/2014
Completely agree with Gary from Southport, we have nothing to gain and a hell of a lot to loose in terms of us being taunted and reminded of it every day. Play the kids, or the staff from the club shop or tranmere in blue shirts....Anything that might help! Maybe even blue moon before kick off?!
Ste , Wigan, 1:56 PM 1/05/2014
Surely there's a place for alex NYARKO . AND ABEL XAVIER
wacker waine, Dublin , 1:51 PM 1/05/2014
Had we played that team against Palace and Saints our points tally could not have been worse.
Joe Doran, Australia, 11:41 AM 1/05/2014
The people who want the Blues to take points off City obviously don't have to listen to gobshite kopites on a daily basis bragging about their far superior trophy haul. If they win the league it will be hell.
Gary, Southport, 11:08 AM 1/05/2014
Agreed with Char;ie and James. We play to in or we don't play at all. And we still need at least a point to qualify for Europe... I'd rather Liverpool didn't win the league, but I care more about Everton than I do about them.
Rory O'Keeffe, Brighton, 10:53 AM 1/05/2014
It is getting sad that we are focussing more on wanting Liverpool to fail instead of us to succeed. Especially as most Liverpool fans have wanted us to get forth. There is an extremely slim chance of getting 4th and whilst there's still a chance I for one will accept nothing but 3 points!
Matt, Milton Keynes, 10:50 AM 1/05/2014
Here, here Charlie #4. Lets finish on a high note on Saturday. We need more points to secure European football. I would suggest that any Evertonians who don't want Everton to win on Saturday should stay at home.
James Connolly, Stanley Park, 10:13 AM 1/05/2014
Sorry but enough of this crap. I am an Evertonian and can NEVER go to a game wanting to lose. Do we really hate Liverpool so much we want Everton to lose? We need three points to finish 5th so lets get behind the team and get the European tour bus back on the road.
Charlie, Cumbria, 10:02 AM 1/05/2014
The goalkeeper name is wrong. I have just signed one match contract for Everton. I will be starting keeper on Saturday and my goalies gloves are sponsored by Lurpak. PS, Stevie G Lass said that he would never borrow Suarez's boots again.
Blind Pugh, Treasure Island, 9:33 AM 1/05/2014
Subs, Neville Southall, Paul Power, Ricky Hatton, Nick Leeson, and Franny Lee.
Joe Dids, Bury, Lancs, 11:13 PM 30/04/2014
Subs are Sexton Blake, Tinker, Pedro, Mrs Bardell, and Chief Inspector Cootes.....
Lennie, Wirral, 8:52 PM 30/04/2014
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