Moyesy The Record Breaker
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David Moyes The Record Breaker!

Ronny, Town 

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Comments about Moyesy The Record Breaker
He held us back for at least 2 seasons. Wrong team selection and terrible subs. Le mancs suffer now
tonefc, wrral, 11:11 PM 9/01/2014
LOL @ martin and others.And i thought RM was the silent assassin.
BlueBerry, Shropshire, 2:34 PM 9/01/2014
It would be nice to think that some Everton tending scientist somewhere has secretly programmed Moyes to go in and destroy Manure from the inside. However, I think that the seeds of their destruction were already there and Ferguson baled out just before their inevitable entry into the footballing vortex.....
John T, Bristol, 2:02 PM 9/01/2014
Moyes will recover the situation. People forget the recovery after the season we finished seventeenth under him. They'll turn the Mackems over in the second leg and get to the Capital One Cup Final. But he's a Manc now so I couldn't care less about him. He made his bed now he has to lie in it. I doubt if he loses any more sleep over us than we do about him.
Tony, Stoneycroft, 10:03 AM 9/01/2014
Manchester United once a Goliath in football...then along came David........
Martin, Chester, 9:50 AM 9/01/2014
He dd did promise europe by 2014.mission accomplised.
BlueBerry, Shropshire, 4:33 AM 8/01/2014
"Once everton has touched you nothing is ever the same" ALAN BALL.... what did you not get Moysee..???? Roberto has !!
dusty lad, northwood,kirkby, 2:18 AM 8/01/2014
Anbody read Elliot Bretland's piece in the Daily Mail saying Moyes was holding us back for years with his negative approach to big games and hiding behind our transfer budget? I got it on my FTBpro app. It's a great app and it's free.
Aidan, Drogheda, 11:19 PM 7/01/2014
We've got Bob now, El Bob, Bobbio three for the price of one; leave Moyes to the baying mob of the Old Trafford glory hunters. In the cold light of day he'll realise how good he had it at Everton (a little too good for my liking) and conclude '...boy did I f**k that up!' We ALL make mistakes and United's error was replacing an attacking minded manager, with a defensive minded one! It’s a monumental cock-up by Ferguson and co, but we have benefitted significantly, so thank you Moyesy for accepting the United job!
Michelle, Bathroom, 10:46 PM 7/01/2014
Moyes still has many admirers on here,so I expect to be shot down for putting forward the case for the prosecution. Prior to eagerly jumping ship to Manure at the end of last season,Moyes should have left us by 'mutual consent' beforehand. His consistent failure to win finals,derby matches, and games at Old Trafford, Emirates, etc, were all indicative of a negative, fatalistic psychological mindset. He has shown his utter contempt for Everton and the fans, in 2 startling ways, the team selection at Analfield in the derby of a couple of seasons ago and his selective amnesia, re managing our great club,since his move to United.
Lennie, Wirral., 6:06 PM 7/01/2014
without wishing to jump on the bandwagon, i stopped going Goodison after the champions league debacle when Moyes once again bottled the big one with his lets not lose regime rather than trying to win. the lies regarding his knowledge of the united job only serve to confirm the man really had little regard for Bill Kenwright who has paid him £4m a year for 11 years and having hopped off came back with his bullshit, i would sell baines and fellaini if it was the right thing for them... if that was the case why didn't he when he was here. Roberto Martinez is a breath of fresh air, a smile, open, gutsy and without a doubt a man destined for success. its been an absolute dream coming and watching my Everton again and dreary hope has become real optimism...aside from anything else, just look at how we are playing the game. roberto-largo puede él reinar
bitter, liverpool, 3:07 PM 7/01/2014
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